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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Staying In

Not much else we can do, it is way too miserable to be outside!  We are under another winter storm watch for tomorrow and Tuesday with more snow expected.  We may have to get a metal detector to find the motorhome if this keeps up!

So, I quilted all day—I made a lot of beautiful progress on my friend Mary’s quilt.  This quilt may just accidentally get lost before it gets back to Mary, I love the colors and the pattern. 

Michael built me a foot stool!  We decided to leave the couch in the motorhome for this season—we would like to replace it with a love seat recliner but not this year.  I sit on the couch and wanted something for propping my feet—so my sweet, handy husband built me a foot stool.  It can also be used as a step stool.  In the Beaver motorhome which we sold, the passenger seat had a foot rest which could be used when you were stationery and had the passenger seat facing the living area.  This Country Coach passenger chair is an oversized one and does not have a foot rest—strange.

A reader asked if I was taking the longarm and quilting in the trailer again—nope, I’m taking a break this winter—I intend to sit in the sun and enjoy Arizona. 

The almost full moon was so bright on all the snow last night I think you could have read the newspaper outside--Moon going down The moon going down this morning.  It was 14 below this morning when we got up and I bet it is colder tonight, BRRR.


  1. double BRRR!..did you get the metal detector??

  2. I hope at least some of your snow disappears before you take off for warmer weather. Oh how I envy you!!! We just had our first dump.

  3. BEAUTIFUL picture! I was a humid 70 here today. But by the end of the week lows in the 20s Highs in the 40s. You know how the Arkansas weather is if you don't like give it a couple days & it will be totally different.
    Stay Warm ~Kerri~

  4. The metal detector will work, but perhaps a 12 ft pole with one of those orange flags on top would be cheaper :)

    Stay warm.

  5. Brrrr, is right. Here I am complaining about 32F, I should be cheering! Great picture of the moon, well done!!

  6. Wow - I've never been in temperatures that low. I'd guess you CAN'T go outside in weather that cold.

  7. It (the quilt) better not disapear!! I haven't heard you swearing way up the Boulder yet so maybe I didn't do to bad of a job!
    I'm excited to see it!! Mary

  8. You better stop sending that crap over here to Wisconsin! It's howling and blowing and temps are dropping here too!

    Steveio made me a stool too for in our motorhome. The seat sets a bit too high to be comfortable for my feet, and it's great when I swivel it around to the lounge area to set out too.

    Next he is working on little shelves too... thanks for the pics!

    Karen and Steve
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