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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Snow

I’m sure everyone is bored to death with all our weather talk lately but the weather is all consuming right now.  Our high was minus 5 today and we got another 4-5 inches of snow this afternoon.

On the good news front, Michael did get the skidsteer going and was able to plow snow and stock up our woodpile.  Plowing snow

Our walk this morning was frigid—there was the slightest of breezes and that coupled with the temp made for a very cold walk.  Emmi does fine in her new stockings!

Cold weather makes me hungry—I made pizza for lunch and cooked a batch of extra meat and sauce to freeze.  I would love to bake a cake or cookies but know if I did we would just eat every bite of it!

My quilting meeting in Big Timber tonight was canceled, the speaker lives halfway between Big Timber and Livingston and it was decided not to ask her to drive on these terrible roads—smart move.

On the other hand, we have to go to Billings tomorrow, I have an eye doctor appointment and Michael has the long awaited rheumatologist appointment.  If the weather and roads are too bad we won’t go but I sure would like to get Mike to that appointment!

snow Snow on the deck rails—probably 14-15 inches.

Christmas Tree REflection The reflection of our little Christmas tree in the window. 


  1. Oh, My. Livingston, MT = -6*. Livingston, TX = 73*. Hmmmmmm......

    Christmas tree lights = pretty!

  2. My feet are getting frost bite just reading this.

    Here in Mayport, FL the temp today was 80 and we had a nice walk on the beach.

  3. I don't know what I'd do with that John Deere skidsteer, but I'd sure like one!!

  4. we never tire of the weather reports!! was -8 celcius this morning in BC!!..brrrrr

  5. I love reading about your snow - but I hope you get to your appointments tomorrow. Stay cozy and drive safely! :)
    That's a neat photo with the snow outside and the reflection of all the tree lights.

  6. I hope Mike is like me and keeps an extra fuel filter and a hair dryer handy all winter, it only takes an ounce of water even mixed in #2 fuel to start the gelling, I try to keep the truck plugged in any time it sits outside if the temp falls below 25 degrees F. Most of the time John Deere and the truck are in a heated garage.Hope you get into town, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. oh Janna try and keep warm. It is the same weather at home. I feel so lucky to be here in the warmth of Texas. Soon you will be too. I sure hope Michael makes it to his appointment that would be a real shame if he had to miss it.

    Take Care Janna
    Brenda Brown

  8. The reflection of the Christmas tree in the window is extraordinary. I love your posts about the snow :) Thanksgiving blessings, K

  9. I am just so glad that all that beautiful snow is in Montana & not in NE Nebraska...where we just have freezing drizzle and cold wind.


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