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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quiet Sunday

Here Comes the snow The mountains were barely visible this morning and it has spit snow all day but the temps were too warm for the snow to stick.  But now that the day is fading and it is snowing hard we may get some accumulation.

I mucked out our house this morning—at least that’s what it felt like—wood fires are so nice and warm but so messy.  And one husband and one dog are also messy—so I mucked it all out. 

Nat came for lunch and I made pork chops with apple and onion stuffing with garlic mashed potatoes.  YUM!  When I suggested to Mike that he serve he and his Dad a small serving of ice cream Nat asked, “don’t you eat ice cream?”  I told him I was going to a gathering this afternoon and I was sure my friend Shirley would have goodies and boy did she ever!

Shirley hosted one of those Private Quarters parties—extremely nice bed linens/towels/robes, etc.  The stuff was not as expensive as I had previously thought and it was all so luxurious.  I would love to cover my bed in all the things the party consultant recommended—padded mattress cover, feather bed, fleece sheets, down blankets—the list goes on but my pocketbook does not.  I did order two new pillows—I have a terrible time with pillows ever since my brother tried to kill me while water skiing (not really) but I fell really hard and couldn’t move my neck for a week.  These pillows I ordered at least have a guarantee, if they don’t work I can send the pillows back. 

After all that hard work deciding what to order, Shirley served us some of her husband George’s good wine, pumpkin bars, iced pumpkin bread and some delicious cake.  Nothing like a little wine and sugar to get the checkbook flowing???  Shirley also had these delicious pretzels coated in sugar and cinnamon—I could have eaten the whole bowl but didn’t—did come home with the recipe for those. 

Came home to a nice warm house with a dog and husband that were very glad to see me.Our Emmi Emmi has sometimes decided the coffee table is her current bed???  Isn’t she just the cutest?


  1. yes she is..well for a girl, as my Tucker would say!..those pretzels sound pretty yummy..too bad you didn't get the recipe??

  2. Any chance for that recipe? I like the looks of your fireplace. Yes wood fires are dirty but boy oh boy are they cozy. A glass of wine in front of it.... and maybe some of those pretzels.....heavenly ☺

  3. oh Emmi is so cute I can't wait to meet her. I hope her and Meggie get alone. I have never heard of Private Quarters it must be an American thing but is does sound very interesting. Do they also have bedding that is not down or feathers. I am allergic, do they have a catalog of their merchandise?

    Take Care

  4. That last photo sure is a good one. So nice and comfy. Emmi is just so cute and adorable!

  5. I hear part of your theme around here-namely that the husband and dog are messy.

    At least your husband got ice cream and the dog looks pretty happy, so life must be good :)

  6. Emmi is a real cutie and that lunch sounded terrific.

  7. I can't get over how much Emmi has grown. I was just looking at her baby pictures the other day. What a great home she has.


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