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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sitting In The Clouds

Our weather missed several good chances for snow throughout the day and here at 5pm, we are sitting in the clouds and it is snowing.  We just got back from a late afternoon walk, exercising the pooch.

Michael worked on Steve’s truck all day and I quilted.  Once I decided to use the same color thread top and bottom, my tension problems went away. 

And I discovered today that here is some customer service left in this country.  A while back I purchased a 5-pack of Colgate toothpaste at Costco.  When I started using this toothpaste my first thought was, “yuk!”  It was thin, runny and every piece of clothing I own had toothpaste dribbled down the front. Nasty stuff.  I’ve always used Colgate toothpaste and thought I would just return the un-used tubes to Costco—they are great about returns.  But then I thought, why should Costco have to deal with Colgate’s problem.  So, I did something I have never done before—I emailed the customer service department listed on the back of the toothpaste box.  In two days I received a reply and in less than a week from that reply—today, I got a check in the mail for the entire amount I paid for the toothpaste plus a coupon for a free tube of Colgate toothpaste! 

And that is about it for our day—nothing much going on around here!

East Boulder

A photo I took a couple years ago—The East Boulder river in winter.


  1. I had a Mountain Bar once that had moths fly out when I unwrapped it. I wrote a letter to them, and they send me a whole box of Mountain Bars. It was a while, though, before I wanted to unwrap one. Still love Mountain Bars! I also use Colgate - love the flavor.

    Still jealous of your snow. :) I remember the complete silence when it snows. I'm definitely going to need an RV in which I can be warm and comfortable on freezing, snowy days.

  2. Your snow photos are sooooo beautiful!!!!!

  3. The snow looks nice - almost like Colgate toothpaste!!

  4. The picture of the winter scene is terrific. And that is just how I like to see it-in a picture.

  5. the squeaky wheel gets the grease..I once returned a half eaten chicken pot pie to Costco..tasted weird!..full refund!..

  6. Nice how the creek meanders into the photo from lower right & then wanders out behind the shrub on the left. It is the classic 'S' shape photographers look for in composing photos whether it be a creek, road, fence line, etc. Ya did good Grasshopper:))


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