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Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Is Here

First Thing This is what our world looked like this morning on our walk and by 4pm, this is what it looked like:First Snowfall Our House We probably have accumulated about 4 inches and a lot melted during the day.  Winter is back for sure—highs in the twenties the next couple of days!

I quilted and sewed all day, Shirley came up this morning to get my help ending off her binding—she has been so busy, inspired by our quilt retreat.  I finished this small quilt for my friend Caryl who lives in Congress, AZ—I love how it turned out and hope she does too.

Caryl's Quilt Front Caryl's Quilt Front Center Detail

Michael fixed my Pfaff sewing machine this morning, YEA!  He isn’t sure that the same thing won’t happen again, though, but at least he can fix it and I don’t have to pay someone else to do it!  He spent the rest of the day resting for which I am glad, he has had two really good days in a row.

Tomorrow we head to Billings for a cover the gray appointment for me and a checkup doctor’s appointment for Michael. 

First Snowfall November2

Paying me no mind

Emmi was just having a barking fit at this doe who wasn’t really sure what that little black thing in the Carhart coat was!!


  1. What a beautiful snowy road scene! But I am glad it there and not here in W. Ky.

    B Hart

  2. Ditto the previous comment. Really like those winter pictures, but high in the 20's ??

    Low yesterday at 28 was bad enough.

    Thanks for the great pictures!

  3. OMG the snow photos are so pretty...but glad I'm not there. Glad to read that Michael has had a couple of good days...hope that continues for him.

  4. I love Emmi's coat! So glad Mike is feeling better, hope he keeps getter better.

  5. great snow shots!!..winter is coming!!

  6. We had a beautiful sunny day but I am sure winter will arrive here shortly. Last night the temperature was nearly down to freezing. That quilt is beautiful.

  7. The snow pictures are beautiful. You can barely see little Emmi in all that snow. It's time to head south. :-)
    Glad Michael is feeling better. Hugs...............Pat

  8. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    As far as the snow, it is beautiful to look at from my deck. ;)

    No really, I miss the snow, just not for 6-7 months out of the year like it is back in my hometown.

    Be well,


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