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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Long Day In Billings

Kind of a messy weather day but early this morning we were off—dropping Emmi at Nat’s, getting to Billings in time to fill up the Jeep with cheaper Costco gas and get me to my hair appointment by 11am.  The lengths we go to get stuff done in Montana boggles the mind of most city dwelling folks.  We frequently get the question, “you drive how far to Costco and Wal Mart???”  One hundred and five miles to be exact!  We used to go more often than we do now before gas and diesel began to cost so much.  It wasn’t unusual for us to head to Billings on a Friday, just for something to do—we’d shop and go out to eat. 

Michael ran a few errands and saw his internist while I was getting beautified.  We then had lunch and ran some more errands.  Costco dented our pocketbook as did the Walton family.  But our pantry is well stocked now and I even picked up some things to take south with us.

Nat and Emmi had a great time today playing duck—Dortha and Ellie—even Nat has started to thank you (tongue in cheek) for the ducks!

On the way home tonight we had a scare and a treat—something big crossed the road in our headlights and I said, “thaaats an-------elk!!!”  And just beyond the first one, a whole herd standing in the middle of the road.  They all quickly moved off the road and down into the ditch—so cool!

And while unloading the Jeep when we got home we heard coyotes in the distance.  Even if it is 105 miles to Billings and Costco, we love where we live!First Snowfall November


  1. looks like perfection to me!..I guess you need to be organized and don't forget quick run to the store for ice cream or a jug of milk??

  2. You know, we were thinking of Emmi and that duck when we were in Petsmart yesterday, wondering if she needs a new one????

    What a beautiful picture, I just love pictures of snow!

    Hugs to all...

  3. I agree with Ellis. I like snow as long as it's in a picture. Sorry about my uncle spoiling your present for me. Gina and I really liking to make coffee this way. We miss you guys a lot too. We are loving this area in Kentucky and we're sure you guys would love it too. We're still keeping Mike in our prayers. Can't wait to see y'all down south.

    Love you guys,
    Rollie & Gina

  4. I like shopping at Costco too and it sets me back a few dollars as well. It only takes us half an hour to drive there but we don't do it often. On the whole we try to combine our shopping trips. As nice as the pictures of snow look it will be great for you to head for warm Arizona.


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