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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sunshine, Finally!

Sunny with blue skies and not a cloud one—it’s been a while!  It was a beautiful day—a little cool but better than gray and cloudy!  We took a nice long walk this morning then Emmi and I took another one late this afternoon.  Gravity has been working on us—our hills are steep around here and after walking in the flat desert for two months, these hills are kicking our butts! 

I finished unpacking from quilt retreat and cleaned the quilt studio.  This afternoon I loaded a quilt and even stitched a little—it’s a small quilt so it shouldn’t take me too long. 

Michael changed the oil in the Cadillac and the jeep plus he hauled dirt up to Geoff and Nancy’s.  Routine stuff around here, nothing exciting.

Lonnie showed up about 5pm looking for a spare water pump which his Dad just happened to have.  We convinced him to have dinner with us—but sent him on his way before dark as he was on the motorcycle—it’s way too dangerous in our neck of the woods to ride bikes after dark; too many dang deer!


IMG_1058Our resident duck taking a nap.


  1. You deserve some sunshine - it is almost May after all. However, those snow covered mountains are beautiful.

  2. I am really worried about hitting the trails after being in FL for several months. Between no elevation gain and no hills, it is going to be tough for awhile. Blue skies sure do change the mood.

  3. Long ago I read "There is no gravity. The earth sucks." Now when I take on a hill or look in the mirror I have a better understanding of the sentiment :-). Our winds seem to have finally calmed down but it's going to be 100 degrees today so maybe just a little sunshine-enjoying on the agenda before retreating back inside.

  4. Looks like your weather day was just like ours - sunny and warm.

  5. Nice change in your weather. We have summer like weather on the west coast but I have a feeling the rains will return before summer arrives.


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