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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quilt Retreat Is Over

Exhausted, over stuffed, did I say exhausted??—but I am one happy quilter.  What a wonderful group of ladies this is—the Iron Maidens.  Let me explain the reason behind the name—as any quilter knows, you “press” your fabrics instead of “ironing.”  Ironing as if you were ironing your husband’s shirts stretches your fabrics resulting in not very square quilts.  Gently pressing your seams helps you get those nice, square quilts.  Thus we call ourselves the Iron Maidens, probably because the Pressing Maidens doesn’t sound as catchy! Smile

Look what we woke up to this morning at quilt retreat:

IMG_0106About eight inches of heavy, wet snow which caused the power to flicker on and off making eleven very worried quilters—no power, no sewing machines!!  Thankfully the power never stayed off longer than just a few seconds.

The Medicine Flower Lodge is a perfect set up for a quilt retreat.  The resort has undergone changes since we were last there a year or so ago.  We’ve always used the downstairs meeting room of the main lodge for all our sewing activities.  We also utilized two bedrooms with baths upstairs in the main lodge for sleeping.  There is another cottage with three bedrooms and baths which we also used—those of us staying in this cottage had to navigate the dark night, possible bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc. in order to get back and forth to the lodge and our sewing machines. Smile 

This year, the owners Pat and her husband Paul had moved out of their apartment in the lodge to another house on the property freeing up the entire lodge for our use.  They had installed very comfortable brand new queen size beds—there are seven bedrooms and four bathrooms in the lodge—a kitchen and two living areas—decks and a hot tub.  Mighty nice place to have a quilt retreat, family reunion or wedding!!  Catering is available through Pat’s daughter Terry—and boy can she cook!!  They serve us two meals per day, brunch at 10am and dinner at 5:30pm. 

Saturday we attended the quilt show and as usual the Red Lodge quilters put on quite the quilt display.  Here is just a small sampling of ones which caught my eye:

IMG_0095IMG_0096This little quilt was for display only, not part of the voting.  The attached note caught my eye—the owner of this quilt paid $10 at a garage sale for this little beauty!!


IMG_0097Each of these log cabins squares measured ONE INCH!!!

IMG_0103Mary F., our fearless leader hard at work.

Now for the Iron Maiden quilt show:

IMG_0058IMG_0057From the left, I can’t remember who made the little table runner, then Gay made the middle quilt and Linda the one on the right.

IMG_0072Roxie—isn’t this cute!IMG_0073Bette made this little winter scene.

IMG_0068Jeane, Jane and Donna made this quilt which due to the poorly written pattern went from being the Wild Rose quilt to the “pain in the rear Thorny Rose quilt.”  The fabric is gorgeous as is the design but come on pattern writers—have several people make your quilt before you publish your pattern!!

IMG_0077Sweet little toddler apron—that’s Mary F. hiding behind her creation!

IMG_0074-001Gay made the beautiful star quilt in Christmas fabrics.

IMG_0100IMG_0107Roxie made the beautiful panels quilt and there is Jane hiding behind her patriotic little twister quilt. 

I finished the Christmas door quilt, appliqueing all the pieces down yesterday and last night.  I started another quilt making great progress. 

Last night we also enjoyed our usual Chinese gift exchange—the first person opens a gift, the second person can either steal that same gift or open another one.  I had the good fortune to be the last person to choose and I chose to steal a present I had been keeping an eye on throughout all the stealing and hilarity—this sweet snowman pillow made by Mary F.


An awesome weekend spent with the best of friends!! 


  1. I really like that panel quilt made by Roxie! It just takes me away to a mountain woodland.

  2. Glad you had a terrific time with friends:) Your group sure made beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Holy Moly. My head is spinning. That's some awesome work.

  4. Love the door quilt!! Everything is gorgeous!

  5. sounds like you had a lovely time! those quilts are amazing!!! as for your 'prize?'..that is a keeper!!!

  6. What a great idea... a quilting retreat! My favorite is the pink cow... but then I love them all. I have some of my Mom's quilts that she made nearly 90 years ago.. tattered and worn... but priceless.

  7. Great times with great friends in a great location - wonderful memories made. The snow scene looks like our Tehachapi area yesterday. Yes, snow in Southern California in April! At this rate the whole country will need lots of quilts!!

  8. Man WE had fun!! Thanks for taking us along!! Not only a retreat BUT a quilt show as well!! Now that's planning at it's finest!! BUT what's with the SNOW? Yowzers! Just keep stitchin'...:o))

  9. Janna, do you know what pattern was used for the cow quilt?

    1. Marge, the cow quilt is called Jersey Girl by Barbara Jones.


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