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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Move To Moab, Utah

IMG_0634Almost before daylight Larry and Michael had us heading out bound for Moab, Utah.  Note the moon above their air conditioner; and no, I did not get up to see the eclipse. 

Michael and I are not tourist attraction kind of people—“STOP HERE, SEE THE WORLD’S LARGEST SNAKE”, etc.  But obviously after today we should stop at more places!!  Larry and Geri wanted us to see the Dinosaur Tracks, a spot on the Navajo Indian reservation just east of the junction of Arizona Hwy 89 and 160 near Tuba City, AZ.  This isn’t a developed touristy type place, no buildings, no hotels—just Native Americans meeting your car or rig and offering to take you out into the desert to see the tracks for a donation.  Are we ever glad we stopped.  Now, I’m not up on my dinosaurs so I can’t remember what the young man told us as we walked around the site but here are some photos of the tracks we saw.

IMG_0636IMG_0637 Even Emmi got to go see the tracks!

IMG_0638IMG_0642A skeleton beginning to show itself due to time, wind, sun and erosion.  There are no archeological digs, fences or structures to protect the artifacts. 

IMG_0647A fossilized claw next to Geri’s hand.

IMG_0650Dinosaur poop—yep, that’s my foot next to the fossilized dinosaur poop—dog owners, can you imagine picking up this pile???? Smile

IMG_0658This is one giant track, our guide told us this was a T-Rex track—Emmi is sniffing this one out.  We enjoyed this short little diversion very, very much!  Onward we go following that Raptor all day with the scenery getting more and more spectacular!



IMG_0673Mexican Hat

IMG_0675Well, our parking spot location certainly changed—we are boondocked on BLM land just outside Moab, UT after taking on water at the Arch View Campground.  We traveled 491 miles today!!IMG_0678Not a bad view, right! Smile


  1. Great pics. Going to be in that area in about three weeks. Will have to check out those tracks in person.

  2. We're in Arizona and you're gone. :(

  3. Almost 500 miles and still had time for dinosaurs. That drive would take us at least three days. Have a wonderful time in Moab. So many beautiful places to see.

  4. those views are spectacular!! you are in the one place I want to go the first chance we get!!

  5. Such a beautiful place... your photos make me want to go back and see it all over again. Nice dinosaur area... love those tracks... and woooeeee... that pile of poop!

  6. What a nice impromtu stop!

    I love the photo of your friends on the road as you approach Monument Valley:)

    Awesome view for your visit!

  7. {{SIGH}} I love it there. Have a great time.

  8. The wind was blowing at the tracks site when we passed through last year, but now I know we have to go back! I can't believe they are unprotected :-(. Almost 500 you know every detail of the back of that Raptor! Enjoy that beautiful area.

  9. You sure put in a long day of driving. Kind of surprising to see those Dinosaur fossils etc. are not protected in some way....but, I guess they've been there for billions of years already.

    Nice pics - I recognized a few of the landmarks from our visit to that area.

  10. Wow, that area is so beautiful. There have been a lot of ads on TV here in Oregon urging people to visit Utah and see five National Parks. I wish I could. Stunning unbelievable terrain! Thanks for showing it off.


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