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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dinner With Friends

Hanging out with Jim and Ellie we learned of their tradition—they always prepared dinner for the traveling couple.  Well, Geri and Larry arrived from the Phoenix area having spent a week visiting with their daughter and attending a wedding.  Pork tenderloins, a huge green salad and steamed fresh green beans—we all enjoyed this dinner down at Mike and Pat’s—they have this beautiful screened porch which always seems to be cool and cool was needed today.

We made a run to Wickenburg for groceries and to take the garbage—exciting, huh??  Back home while preparing the dinner, changing sheets, and playing with Emmi I felt the need for some air conditioned air!  It was a very warm day here in the Arizona desert.

This evening after the temps cooled down Emmi and I took a walk around two of the lower streets here in North Ranch making it just over a mile walk.  We spotted the resident owl sitting on top of an antenna—hooting away.  The walk was good for both of us, I now hear the ice cream calling!

Not much going on around here today.


  1. What a nice tradition:) The people you meet in this lifestyle are amazing.

  2. Hot down here in the valley and the air was definitely on. Your dinner sounds better than ours.

  3. Your welcome to have your dinner here on our porch anytime Janna,,, It was delicious!!

  4. I sure hope we get the chance to continue that tradition for you next fall/winter! Glad Geri and Larry are back, please give them - and Pat and Mike hugs from us!

  5. That does sound like a great dinner. Sound like it's still pretty hot in the southwest.


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