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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seventy One Degrees To Snow

Yep, just as Rick said in his comment, there should be a law against going from 71 degrees to snow but that’s what we had this morning—not much snow and it was melted by 10am but it left a nasty, brisk wind behind.



Nat came for lunch today—it’s been a while since he has driven up the Boulder, our winter weather kept him in Big Timber.  He loves to come up here but admits his days of driving up the Boulder are limited.  We had pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes and green peas.  I spent the morning baking cookies for him and for we quilting ladies.

Michael spent some time today puttering with the Yagi antenna we acquired from Jim and Bev at North Ranch—he used the booster and antenna we bought and was able to get us good voice cell service and OK data service.  I called Laci on the cell phone and it worked perfectly.  We are still debating our options—I hate to give up our fast DSL through our local phone company, we will see.

And speaking of Laci—doesn’t she look beautiful!


Larry and Geri—the folks we were hanging out in Moab with have started a blog.  Geri is going back and entering all their ATVing adventures from previous years so the most recent blog is from 2011.  Check it out, ATV Across America.

The car is loaded and my bags are packed, quilt retreat here I come!  The cowboy and Emmi are holding down the fort.  I am only taking my iPad so the blogs may be short, I’m not much on typing one finger-ed!  But at least you will get to see photos.


  1. Yahoo!! It's retreat time...take lots of pictures!! We live through you...
    And yes, Laci is positively glowing!! Motherhood becomes her! You must be getting so excited for her!

  2. Laci looks so beautiful and happy. Our weather here is going to be 92 on Friday and 75 on Saturday. Wow. Crazy weather.

  3. We only use our cell phones here, and of course our MagicJack but that is because our landline only gives us dial-up internet so we have a wireless system that covers our neighborhood and it works a lot quicker than dial-up, BUT after leaving the fast DSL at DPS and heading north I think we would hook our phone back up if we could get fast internet here at DPN.


  4. Lacy looks wonderful, glowing in fact !!! Have lots of fun at the retreat !!!


  5. Sorry, LACI !!!! And I love that name !!!

  6. That is a real shame for everyone living in the north. To get all excited about spring and then have winter return!

    Have fun at the retreat!!

  7. I'm pretty sure that having fast DSL connections now that you'd probably regret ever giving it up for a cell connection. Once you're used to broadband speed and dependability it's really tough to give up.

    Hope it warms up a bit as it's almost May!!!!

  8. That temperature shift is substantial. I recall growing up in the Province of Alberta and having similar weather changes there too. We don't have that here on the west coast.

  9. Quilt retreat!! I wanna see pictures. See if there are any "vintage" sewing machines.
    Have fun!
    Sew on ~ ~ ~ ~


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