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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Millenicom Drops A Bombshell

It had to happen sooner or later—Millenicom offered 20GB of data for $70 per month, period.  No hidden fees, taxes, etc.  Because we had an older grandfathered device—an aircard—we got 20GB of 3G data for the unbelievable price of $60 per month!!  We don’t use 20GB of data per month, we usually use less than 10GB’s but it was always there.  And 3G was fine for our internet use. 

Millenicom users received emails today telling us our 20GB data plans were increasing in cost to $90 per month—YIKES, that’s a big increase.  Cheri in her blog post at Technomadia does a great job of explaining why Millenicom made this decision—I won’t go into the details here, her post explains it all. 

We have a decision to make—$90 for 20GB of data is still a deal.  As close as I can tell, AT&T only offers 5GB of data for $50 if you have no other devices with them and Verizon offers 10GB of data for $80 per month with  no other devices.  Don’t take these statements as gospel fact—AT&T’s website is a nightmare with all its catchy verbiage and Verizon’s isn’t much better.

So, with that nasty news partially digested, let’s move on.  Today was a stay at home day—chores, a little visiting and some art quilt work.  This winter season I am so loving my little Splendide all in one washer/dryer.  I did three loads today including our queen size sheets and the little unit performed perfectly.  Yes, it does take some time to get stuff dry but a lot of our clothing I dry for a while then hang to finish drying.  In the AZ desert, drying doesn’t take long!  Our owners manual states the unit can be loaded with seven pounds of dry laundry—that’s a lot of clothes.  I’ve only had to use a laundromat twice this year—when Emmi’s accidents caused us to have to launder blankets, mattress covers, etc. 

The Bayfield Bunch, Al and Kelly have been talking about leaving soon—we drove over to their place this afternoon for a visit and goodbye, see you next year hugs.  We really enjoy their company and views on this RVing lifestyle.

IMG_0521Photos are from yesterday’s trip.IMG_0528Isn’t that the sweetest face—we were parked at the post office in Wickenburg yesterday and a man asked Michael if Emmi had a driver’s license!



IMG_0539IMG_0552IMG_0553Lake Pleasant

Had an email from a blog reader with this link about Castle Hot Springs—seems it did sell at auction for $1.95 million!!!  Way less than the $6 million asking price when it was for sale.  Thanks Rick for the link!

Another great day in the Arizona desert.


  1. We have AT& T and I have a MIFI that services up to 10 different machines, (laptops, nook, kindle iphone etc....) to save on my iPhone battery. I pay $90 for 10 Gigs and work really hard to keep it under 10 gigs. Such a deal for you :) That Emmi is sure a cutie

  2. Emmi is adorable!!! Love your photos of the wild burros!!! They seem to be all over!!!

  3. Don't have Millenicom but I know a lot of folks who do and nobody is happy. We use the Verizon 6G and when it's done for the month then I quit being on the computer. That Emmi is just way too cute. Look at that face. The burro's is awful cute also.

  4. What a HAPPY LAUNDRY LADY !!!! Janna, you could be the COVER GIRL for the company !!! Al, tipped the hat tonight and gave Michael full COWBOY bragging rights .....I am sure it is all true, the title is justified and very deserving !!! And that puppy-dog of yours takes the prize !!!! Gosh, you're a lucky lady !!!!

  5. So I guess that means Blue and Wink will have to look for a barn somewhere else.

  6. That's tough news about the Millenicom price rise. I read the Technomadia blog and they explain the reasons pretty well. It sounds like Millenicom did the best they could for their customers in negotiating rates with Verizon. If the cell service using Millenicom is every bit as good as Verizon itself then I guess I'd go for the 20GB deal for $90 but it is a big increase.

    Great photo of Emmi.

    1. It isn't cell service Rick--it is only internet. We use Straight Talk from Wal Mart for our one and only cell phone--again a company which resells cellular service--our phone works off Verizon towers. The Samsung smart phone was purchased from Wal Mart for $150 and our unlimited talk, text and data cost $45 per month--hard to beat that. I now see where you can purchase an iPhone outright from Straight Talk, $500, and still have the $45 per month unlimited talk, text and data.

  7. We are grandfathered into our same plan with Verizon with unlimited data for $69.95. We decided we may never switch phones so we don't want to lose this. We are hoping things will improve (get cheaper) before we have to switch phones and pay bigger bucks!

    That is a sweet photo of Emmi:)

  8. We will have to budget for the increase in service and hope we don't lose access to Castle Springs now that it has an "owner". Can't show Tessa the pic of Emmi or she will want to drive too. Love the sweet burros. BUT what I'm really glad to read here is how happy you are with your Splendide!!!!!! We had pretty much decided we wanted to include the unit when we get the rig but knowing it works well for two folks who get dusty and dirty and have a doggie - well that seals it. I'll be sure they send you a check when we buy next year :-).

  9. We too were really surprised to read the email, since we have not completed even 1 month with them. .
    Emm is such a comical sweet little doggy.
    We sure enjoyed our times together this winter...
    Here's to a wonderful happy spring & summer !

  10. Ooooohhhh YES! I love our Splindede! It took me a shile to learn how to load it and the minutes to dry, but now everything comes out not only dry but no or very little wrinkles. I used to call it my wrinkle machine, but no more.

  11. When we had our Splendide, I did just the opposite . . . I put the small items back into the machine for a dry cycle, and hung up the heavier, wetter things to air dry for a while - and THEN put them in the Splendide to finish drying. This cut down on the amount of time the dryer needed to run, and here in Arizona, the low humidity most of the year gives a great jump start to drying the clothes before they go into the dryer.

    Virtual hugs,


  12. try They are the company I used when I left millenicom. For a flat fee of $79 you get unlimited 4G.


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