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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yoga And Solved Computer Issues


It was great to be back in yoga class today, I’ve missed the exercises and my yoga buddies immensely!  Some of our yoga buddies are lounging on the beach in Hawaii—Nancy, Shirley and Judy—so it was a smaller group today but still good.

Back home we ate a quick lunch and headed for Bozeman—truck slide in campers are designed to slide into the bed of pickup trucks.  Well, the only truck we currently own has a flatbed—no box.  So, I am not showing any photos just yet as we look like the Beverly Hillbillies!!!  The camper is sitting up on top of the flatbed strapped down with heavy duty ratchet crank straps—it rode home quite nicely but we did get some looks!! Winking smile

I’m trying to give Rick a run for his money—yea, right, in my dreams!!!  But I did solve another friend’s computer problem tonight—took us a couple hours but we got it done via phone which is a little difficult when you can’t see the computer screen!!  Remember when we were in Congress and I was helping Geri and Angie start blogging?  They were both still using Internet Explorer so I installed Chrome on both their computers.  I am normally careful when installing programs making sure I have the official site not some link which will take me off into computer never never land.  Well, something went haywire with the install and suddenly both ladies have so many pop-ups they can’t navigate the internet. 

I was still hanging out with Geri at the time so we worked on her computer one morning while in Moab, installed Malwarebytes and the problem with pop-ups was solved.  Now Angie and Ralph are currently somewhere in California—to say Angie doesn’t like computer changes is an understatement.  If at all possible she would still be using whatever operating system came before Windows XP!! SmileSmileBut, she is the proud new owner of an iPhone and is doing well learning its ins and outs. 

But, back to her computer—she literally had so many pop-ups using the internet was impossible.  When she opened Internet Explorer to find the link I had sent her to Malwarebytes something called Jolly **** kept popping up keeping us from getting any where.  I had her close IE and open Chrome.  In spite of the fact Jolly**** kept popping up we were able to circumvent it and install Malwarebytes using Chrome as the browser.  Ran the scan, quarantined the found problems and success—no more pop-ups.  Rick is the one who told me about Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials—both programs are free, they work and work well!! 



It was a beautiful spring day in Montana!


  1. I have my 1170 camper on the back of my flatbed (minus the straps) and it don't look so bad. Lots of room on the sides to put what ever. John

  2. Try ad blocker plus as an extension to chrome..... It even strips the ads of of blogger web pages....

  3. What would us bloggers do sometimes with out Rick. My son installed Microsoft Security Essentials and I've never had a problem since. Free is a good number :)

  4. Glad you resolved that pesky problem, Janna. Good for you.

    It sounds like your friends' computers had an app called JollyWallet Pop-up Ads installed on them. JollyWallet comes bundled with free applications from the internet, such as free softwares, videos, system utilities. When you download and install these free applications you may agree to install the JollyWallet program on your computer. Always make sure to look and uncheck any add-ons you don't want before downloading anything free. I always try to download apps direct from the owner site rather than from places like Softonic and now even Cnet as they always bundle this extra-annoying free junk that you have to watch out for.

    Malware Bytes will remove most of these pests.

  5. Well, well....another computer wizard in the making! Well done work with the computer fixes Janna. Rick did need a bit of competition, don't you think? LOL


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