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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Many Times Can You Say WOW!!

A lot I guess—around every corner today you would find us saying, “Wow, can you believe this, how lucky are we” and any other manner of descriptive phrases.  It started out as a cool, cloudy day and remained so until we rolled back into camp when the sun popped out.  We were dressed for the coolness—in the photos you will see the cowboy and me in our former motorcycle gear—leather chaps and jackets—it fits the bill, we were never cold while riding.

Moab is breathtakingly beautiful, awesome, spectacular, giant country—around every corner is another glorious view, another red, towering rock.  The town of Moab was a zoo of jeeps yesterday, seems we’ve arrived during a yearly jeeping event—there were people and jeeps everywhere.  We worried it would be crowded out on the trails—shouldn’t have worried.  Other than the spot where we watched the extreme jeeping we saw less than a dozen people all day!!

IMG_0681Determination Towers in the distance.  IMG_0683

I had Bayfield Bunch Al’s disease today—I took 132 photographs and several movies of the crazy guys in jeeps trying to come up this incredibly steep, uneven rock face—they all made it!  It took me a while to sort photos tonight and I can’t possibly post all of them but here are some of the best:



IMG_0725IMG_0718Tusher Tunnel—a slot canyon which you walk through coming out the other side with another breathtaking view.  Emmi got to meet another schnauzer, Sid, at the other end of the tunnel.  IMG_0736


IMG_0743Our lunch spot—not a bad venue!!


IMG_0788-001In the left side of this photo you can see black tracks on the rocks, this is where the trail leads, there are even white paint stripes painted along the trail to keep riders on the right path!




Thanks so much Geri and Larry for a wonderful day!!  I have a video of one of the jeeps coming up that steep slope but our internet connection is not cooperating tonight—maybe tomorrow I can post it.


  1. That truly is beautiful country up that way especially since you didn't run into a whole lot of people.

  2. The Moab area is truly "God's Country". There is beauty around every corner. Glad you enjoyed it. Becki

  3. We've (accidentally) been in Moab twice during Jeep Week.... not being Jeepers, (we looked kinda funny on our mountain bicycles) we still enjoyed the slick rocks and the trails. Looks like you're doing just that. We were camped at some campground along the Colorado River... kind of runs parallel to I70... Goat something or other.... and loved it there. Have a great time!

  4. Gorgeous! UT has our vote for beauty. Isn't it fun to share your day with friends?? Have fun and stay safe.

  5. Wow is a good word for those pictures! Enjoy:)

  6. fabulous photos today! thanks for sharing!!

  7. It is definitely a must see area in our future travels.

  8. Out of this world photos !!! Thanks for thinking of the rest of us .... The ATV's are getting a workout .... Keep hav'in fun !!!

  9. Right from the first time I traveled through Utah back in the early 90's it quickly became my favorite scenic State. Still is. Love that Moab area for sure. Groovy pic in the black leathers. Great looking trails. Keep the rubber on the rocks..............

  10. Great photos of one of the most beautiful parks we've ever visited. Great job too on editing and selecting the pics to display. I still believe that 15 to 20 photos is far more effective in a blog than overdoing it with 50+ or more.

  11. We spent last April in Moab. The big Jeep Week is the last week in March. We arrived the last day. There were Jeeps everywhere the entire month and tons of Jeep trips. I guess that's why some call this The Jeep Capital of the world. Boy, those guys are crazy sometimes. Thanks for the wonderful red rock photos!!!


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