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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One Step Closer

Well, as of this afternoon we are one step closer to having our “going to Alaska” rig.  We purchased a slide in truck camper made by S&S of Kalispell, MT.  It is an older one—we didn’t want to spend a lot of money until we see if all three of us can survive that small of space! SmileNow for a truck—anyone know of a good, used heavy duty truck for sale??  We left it over in Bozeman—I didn’t think we should tie it to the top of the Cadillac—and will pick it up in a couple weeks. 

Michael finished up his cattle guard project—over the weekend he built a 20 foot cattle guard for a neighboring ranch which operates as a corporate retreat.  Today he removed the old cattle guard and installed the new—yep, Larry, the cowboy got to operate equipment again, the backhoe this time.


Another gray, cold and breezy day in Montana—the grass may be greening but the mountains sure look wintery!! 

Chicken fajitas for lunch with the watermelon and cantaloupe we purchased at Costco yesterday—both melons were delicious—I love watermelon, could almost eat my weight in it.  I often wonder if my love for watermelon has anything to do with the fact my grandfather raised acres of watermelons in the hot Arkansas summers—once picked the watermelons were piled under the old pecan tree in the yard.  People would stop to buy watermelons, Grandpa took some to town to sell and we kids could eat as many as we could hold!!

IMG_1045 On our pond this morning.


  1. congrats on your new camper! a trip to Alaska? exciting!!!

  2. We know another couple who just bought a slide in camper for their trip to Alaska. They took it out for a short try out and said it's going to take some adjustments but they're still excited about it.

  3. Oh, come on! I think the camper look great tied on to the roof of the Cadillac. Give it a try:)

  4. What a nice memory of your Grandpa's farm!! Image going out and picking a watermelon for your lunch...or several hundred! Good luck with the truck hunting!

  5. We never raised watermelons in Wis. and its my second best favorite fruit. Black Cherries are the best!!!

  6. I know there is some witty "cart before the horse" reference for this......but I've only had one cup of coffee. Love the glassy duck pond :-).

  7. The planned Alaska trip sounds like a great adventure. We've motorcycle into southern Alaska and would have enjoyed going further north.

    The camper/truck transportation is favored among many who venture that far north. Good luck with finding a suitable truck.

  8. Sure sounds like you're cooking some great plans together !!! That is terrific...... Just love all these retirement options ..... Keep having FUN !!!!

  9. OOOOOPS, tell Michael the cattle guard looks super !!!


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