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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Glorious Day

Our morning started off great before we even fired up the ATV’s.  We had a visitor to camp:

IMG_0812We were then treated to a fabulous show--

IMG_0821IMG_0824Whoops, changed his mind about landing spots, lifted up and moved over to where we could see his recovery vehicles.


After all that excitement it was hard for our tour guides to find more spectacular scenery but they came through once again! SmileIMG_0838IMG_0839

IMG_0843We were having a goggles issues today!

IMG_0845IMG_0846The base of that huge rock is so eroded, it may stand for years and years to come but I wouldn’t want to get too close!!


IMG_0856IMG_0857Can you believe the scenery around Moab—it is simply breathtaking!  We did some serious ATV riding—I still think Larry and Geri are trying to improve my riding skills and today they did—I climbed slick rock that was dang steep—just gave it gas and went!!  And what goes up must come down meaning I also rode down some really steep rocks!! 

IMG_0874It’s that way, no, it’s this way!  These guys are so much fun to be around—we are very glad they wanted to come along with us!!

We all decided to brave the jeep crowd in Moab and went in to have dinner, get gas and a few groceries.  Larry and Geri got their first jeep ride—we are going to do a jeep trip tomorrow—give the ATV’s a rest. 


  1. You really are in a perfect spot for either ATV's or jeeping. And I'm loving your scenery pictures.

  2. Little Miss Emms is not looking pleased at all.......I could probably get interested in ATV'ing if they could build a machine that didn't make so much dang snortin noise.


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