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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moab, Utah to Dillon, MT


We were just a little later than our planned departure time of 6am this morning but even so we were set up and relaxing by 5pm in our usual stopping spot the night before reaching home.  We drove 572 miles today!!  We had planned on doing about 450 but it was just too early in the day to stop—we are out of sightseeing mode and in getting home mode I guess!  I even drove the big motorhome for a while. 

It was hard to tell Larry and Geri goodbye last night, we so enjoyed getting to know them better and we certainly enjoyed having them as our guides.  Hopefully we will be seeing them again soon!


Peter asked where we were parked while boondocking in the Moab, UT area—off Mill Canyon Road about 15 miles north of Moab.  John asked a while back if Michael’s friend Sarge made it home to Montana on his motorcycle—he had to spend an extra night on the road waiting for a storm to clear I think but yes, he made it home—a little frozen but back in Montana.

Lonnie drove over to our house the other day thinking he might have to plow the road—the driveway is clear but will need a little repair work before we can get the motorhome up the driveway. 

We’ve had pizza delivered and are enjoying a glass of wine—it was a good day.


  1. That is a two day drive for us. Be careful. Congratulations on taking over the driving!

    Great picture of Mike and Emmi:)

  2. Wow..... Home stretch coming up tomorrow .... That was a long haul today ...... Happy you two and Emmi have had such a great time this winter in the sunshine ..... I have really enjoyed your sharing all the fun !!! THANKS FOR THAT .....

  3. Eek! I could never do that many miles in one day in the rig.

  4. Thanks for the camping near Moab info. And for the record I worked for Patagonia for 31 years and have spent a lot of time in Dillon where we have an Outlet store. Great town. Not to much love when we first moved in because of our enviro stances but now we are arm in arm with most of the locals.
    Have fished the Boulder with your neighbor Brokaw. He's a good man.
    Great Blogg. Keep up the good work.

  5. Good to hear you made it into the Treasure State. A leisurely drive home tomorrow, with I am sure a resupply stop in Bozeman. Travel safe.

  6. Understand your wanting to go the distance to reach your jump off point for the final run for home. Pulling off early in the day & sitting around doing nothing doesn't appeal to me . Would much sooner put time in on the road & get home earlier. Too bad about the driveway problem.

  7. It'll be nice to get back home again, it's always a good feeling no matter how long you've been gone. I trust today's drive will be much shorter than the long haul yesterday. Sure hope Lon turned the heat on in your house when he was over!!

  8. Hoping that the driveway repair is not to much of a burden. Then again, Michael has the big boy toys to get the job done!

    Crossing over from the 'touring mode' to the 'return to home mode' is often a very quick transition for us. It seems it was for you guys too. Good luck with the final push northward.


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