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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cactus and Sunset

Wow, it was an exciting day around here, I defrosted the refrigerator!!  And gave myself a pedicure, now isn’t that exciting??

Larry stopped by a couple times—we are plotting our departure from North Ranch together heading to Utah for some ATV riding before we go all the way home.  While Larry and Geri were here this afternoon Jim and Bev stopped by too.  When your “home” as in motorhome needs repairs you sometimes have to vacate—that’s exactly what Jim and Bev had to do for the last week.  They needed to have some repairs done to a bay door which had a chance encounter with a concrete post—amazing how that happens isn’t it???  The airport in Wickenburg has a paint shop, Jim replaced the door and the airport guys were going to paint it as well as their motorhome decals which had faded.  So, Sarah the cat went to the kennel and Jim and Bev went to friends in Brenda.  It’s good to have them back!!

It was another very, very warm day—90 degrees—time to head north! 

When I walked Emmi tonight I noticed lots and lots of cactus blooms:



Cathy calls this tree/shrub a “bottle brush tree.”  The blossoms do look like bottle brushes:


And then there was the gorgeous sunset tonight:

IMG_0616Dang power lines!IMG_0618-001

Have you read the news about the “Heartbleed” security flaw occurring throughout the internet??  Rick has a great post about this issue—it’s worth a read.


  1. ThanksJanna...we always feel like we come back to family here! I'm sure you and Mike feel the same. Have fun on your trip tomorrow!

  2. Almost as much excitement as we had around here. But we got up to 97. Utah is such a gorgeous state. I would think there are some really gorgeous ATV rides..

  3. It sure is a very warm spring in your area this year. I guess all the heat this past winter has been in the west. Beautiful cactus blossoms:) The bottle brush trees are all over FL. I love those big, long, red blossoms. Utah is by far my favorite state. Can't wait til you get there:)

  4. Great photo's. We hope to be in Utah in about four weeks. Thanks for the information on heartbleed. Hadn't heard about it, and as Rick said, hopefully nothing to worry about, but still good to know about.

  5. I think defrosting the frig on a hot day is a brilliant strategy! California uses bottle brush bushes for highway landscaping and they are so beautiful this time of year. Bees love them too!

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