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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mitered Corners


I finished fusing all the shapes and flowers to my bear art quilt today and started to attach the borders—I had purchased a stripe for the borders and also decided today was the day to do my first mitered border.  Well, I don’t like the way the stripe looks mitered so I am on the hunt for some different fabric—oh, woe is me!!  Or rather woe is the cowboy! Smile

Michael puttered—a bunch of screws were sheared or totally missing from the ramp door of the trailer so he was out there with screws he purchased at the Yarnell Hardware Store and a drill making holes and noise.  Our high powered LED flashlight died—new batteries, still dead, so the cowboy took the thing all apart, fixed a switch and success—it works. 

We took a great walk this cool desert morning—it was so cool all day I wore a sweater.  Yes, my Montana friends, I know I shouldn’t complain! SmileSixty degrees and sunshine is a whole lot nicer than snow!

The photos are from our Castle Hot Springs trip the other day.


We watched several rigs heading out of the park today, it’s getting quieter around here by the day.  Our neighbor to the west, Jacque, came over this afternoon asking if we had a manual for our jeep—we had noticed a jeep under her carport—we loaned her our manual, a repair manual Michael has and our Backcountry Adventures Arizona book.  They are looking forward to lots of jeeping trips.

A good day in Arizona!


  1. Great title :-). I sometimes forget you're one of the quilters. Can a quilt be made with t-shirts? Or is the material too "squishy"? The hot weather is on its way this week so the sweater will be a fond memory. I just love those huge flowers but have yet to see a name for the cactus? I don't remember seeing them anywhere other than in photos at North Ranch.......something in their water?

  2. Sounds like you both had a bit of a puttering around day. I like those if I can get some old, stubborn jobs done - like Michael did. Good luck with the fabric hunt.

  3. Our condo is getting really quiet too. So many have already left, we're still shooting for the 15th. Unless it gets too hot!!


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