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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Busy Day

Yesterday we both noticed this rather large puddle in our backyard over our buried water cistern—was it snow melt or did we have an issue???  If you guessed issue you were right but the cowboy has the equipment for making quick work of those issues and soon all was well with our plumbing!  The backyard will need a little attention once everything dries out.  The cowboy also fixed our driveway, too.IMG_1016

The dentist made quick work—in and out in 30 minutes—of putting the crown back where it belonged so that was a load off my mind!  I ran a couple quick errands and was back home in time to make lunch. 

Our bird population is increasing by the minute—big birds:

IMG_1018and little birds, rosy red finches:


I decided to pack the important quilt retreat stuff today—all my sewing projects and tools.  Tomorrow I will do some cooking and pack the toothpaste, etc. 

IMG_1021Stopped by the road on my way home from town—the first “coming up the Boulder” shot of the season.  It was 71 degrees today but our weather forecast for the next week stinks—rain and snow every day—we can hope those guys are wrong, right!!


  1. You folks experience "weather" no matter where you're at! Bill doesn't ever want to see snow again... me? well, I love weather... snow, thunder, wind... love it all! But don't want to be cold... hmmmm.... a bit of a conflict here. I want to see those mountains again... and all that goes along with them. Guess your photos will do for now... keep 'em coming!

  2. Glad all worked out and was quickly repaired:)

    A quilt retreat will help make the dreary days pass.

  3. Glad you're home so we can get up to date Boulder photos. :)

  4. You have a beautiful place there. Must be fantastic in the summer.

  5. To have the work toys to get the tough jobs done is most helpful.

  6. From 71 degrees to snow? There should be a law against that. Glad the water cistern 'issue' wasn't too bad and it's all fixed up.

  7. Now that you've mastered the ATV it's time for your own work toys :-). Enjoy the retreat!


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