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Monday, April 14, 2014

Making A Habit

Of short blogs that is—I am so exhausted after our wild and windy night—the wind blew so hard it was scary, our rig rolled and rocked making all kinds of noises—sleep was impossible.  I was outside at 1am rolling in the window awning over the driver side windows and got sand blasted.  It was one miserable night!

We spent the day packing and cooking, I made a quick run into Wickenburg to the dump and for last minute groceries while Michael and Emmi held down the fort.  The rest of the afternoon was spent helping Geri and Angela start blogs and we were successful—Blogger has sure changed up that process since I began ours!!  Here is a photo of our “class!”


I was making dinner for Mike and Pat, plus Gina and Rollie who were to arrive in Phoenix around 1:30—they didn’t get there until almost 4pm right in the middle of rush hour traffic.  They got back to North Ranch around 6pm and Gina has some kind of nasty stomach bug so we didn’t even get to see her.  And is was a super short visit with Rollie too. Sad smile  Dinner was spectacular, Angie made a wonderful potato salad to go with the hamburgers and baked beans I had prepared.  Geri furnished us with the healthy dish—honeydew melon and grapes.  Dessert was cream cheese pound cake and strawberries—oh, my!!  I didn’t eat all day in anticipation of this meal!

We are sad our visit with Angie and Ralph was so short too—maybe we will cross paths this summer as they tour up the California, Oregon and Washington coasts. 

Larry and Mike have decided we are leaving before the crack of dawn in the morning, Moab here we come!  I went back in the blog and read about our last trip to Moab which was in 2011—whetted my appetite for more!!  Blog will be brought to you from a different location tomorrow night—if we have internet!


  1. Awwww, the excitement of travel looms. Nice to be on the move again seeing more great South-West scenery rolling by the window. Take care & all the best on the road.

  2. We sure are going to miss you guys.... Thank you so much for everything.
    Enjoy Moab and be safe traveling.
    Looking forward to seeing you here at North Ranch next year.....

  3. Isn't it great catching up with old friends... but so exciting to be moving on.... happy travels!

  4. safe travels as you head to Moab!!

  5. Be safe, and Moab is always so beautiful.

  6. Looks like the winds have died down for a nice travel day today - hope it's a safe and easy trip.

  7. Nothing wrong with short blogs! Glad to see you're encouraging more RVers to catch the blogger bug.

    Safe travels to Moab.

  8. Can't wait to revisit one of my favorite areas!! We loved Moab in April last year but it wasn't as hot a winter as you've been having.

  9. Travel safely! Heard you leave this morning! I know you will have a lot of fun and am looking forward to your blog. I love Geri and her notebook...she better not lose it ;-)


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