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Friday, April 18, 2014

Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park

It was a jeep day and Emmi found a new lap right off the bat:


Our yellow jeep fit right in with the jeep tour heading out from the first overlook:

IMG_0883You really can’t imagine the number of jeeps in this area right now, thousands—all colors, heights, sizes—thousands of jeeps!

When we were in Moab, Utah in 2011 we were weary of sightseeing and chose Arches National Park to visit and left Canyonlands for another time.  I’m glad we are back in the Moab area and had Geri and Larry to tell us what a spectacular spot it was.  The weather was warm today with a haze in the air which didn’t help my photos.

IMG_0887IMG_0889Larry and Michael both decided maybe that road wasn’t for them! Winking smile

IMG_0898IMG_0902We saw lots of these signs in the national park so care of Emmi was a group effort today--IMG_0922

IMG_0913We took turns going out to the overlooks and inside the visitor’s centers.  Emmi didn’t seem to mind! Smile

IMG_0914When the overlooks were right by the road we just took her with us.  IMG_0915IMG_0923IMG_0927

IMG_0933IMG_0936My submission for a jeep ad. Smile

IMG_0950Muddy, muddy Colorado River two thousand feet below where we were standing—YIKES!  Local legend has it the Indians herded large bands of horses across the barely 30 yard wide strip of land onto this “point” then built a fence of limbs and sticks to keep the horses contained in this natural corral 2000 feet above the Colorado.  They then chose the best of the horses and the legend is left the rest of the horses out on this point to die of thirst—thus Dead Horse Point State Park.

IMG_0951Leaving Dead Horse Point State Park I said, “since it is getting so late, I think the guys should buy us dinner again.”  They agreed without too much arm twisting and we were soon seated in a restaurant in downtown Moab—service and food was good.  Back home we are running the generators to charge all our stuff, doing some computer work and writing this blog. 


  1. Another spectacular day !!!! That jeep ad says it all ...... Contact JEEP

  2. Truly a beautiful natural wonder. I concur that the jeep shot is a great location for a TV commercial.

  3. Beautiful country but I really was hoping to see that Jeep going around that corner on that ledge.

  4. There were thousands of jeeps and ATVs when we were there. My problem was that it was so noisy. You sure are getting some gorgeous pictures even with the haze in the air.

  5. Last time I was in Moab, I was travel weary too and skipped the places you went to yesterday. Guess I shouldn't have. :(

  6. I did that Shaefer Trail road in my dodge Dakota and bikes the white rim limestone shown in that photo. I only had to back up a couple of times to make the switchbacks. You are in my favorite place in the world. Although the haze makes me sad.

  7. great photos and Moab looks like the perfect place for a photo op for a Jeep ad!

  8. Perfect Jeep ad!! Glad Emmi found a seat inside so she didn't have to scowl about those darn goggles:) Sure can't beat that scenery.

  9. Holy Jeepers! What spectacular pics, Janna. Sure is a beautiful place. That road alongside the cliff looked downright scary even for a Jeep (or even on a horse).

  10. Beautiful. We're headed there ourselves next month on our way to Wyoming. Will have the same doggie issues I'm afraid.

  11. Stunning scenery. Glad Emmi was a priority and had many babysitters.


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