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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Roasting Hot Dogs In The Desert

Sometimes you have those nights when the dog needs to go out at 2am then you’ve no sooner gone back to sleep and the same dog falls out of bed—it makes for a very tough next day!  And the cowboy couldn’t go back to sleep after the dog fell out of bed so he really had a tough day!

Michael spent lots of time on the couch today and I retreated to the trailer for some sewing time making us two “dust bandanas” for ATVing.  I guess Michael did practice flying his helicopter, once again freaking out the dog. 

We were invited to a wiener roast out in the desert—bring your meat of choice and a dish to share around a campfire.  This is just the nicest group of people and we thank Larry and Geri for introducing us!!  The ATV’s all left the park heading out to Jaxon Hole—a spot in the desert where a fire ring has been built.  The food was delicious, the company fabulous and the fire just a nice touch on a cool desert evening.  As dusk fell we were treated to the sight of two owls swooping and landing, swooping and landing—their hooting in the distance was a nice ending to a great evening with these new found friends.  Many of these folks are heading north this week—see you in the fall.



IMG_3215IMG_3217The cowboy was on cooking duty tonight—he roasted a mean hot dog!  Not sure what other Michael and Fred were doing??


IMG_3223IMG_3225Of course Emmi got to go along!



Feeling blessed tonight.


  1. Fun night out....and hot dogs, anytime, is impossible to pass up!

  2. Looked like a great time ..... You have met so many nice people there this year .....

  3. Looks like it was a very pleasant evening.
    - Mary Ann

  4. Looks like you are having a great time exploring the desert up Congress way. Spring might just be here at Dogpound North, although we still have a lot of snow to go, the warm weather is shrinking it fast. Should be gone by mid-June I expect.

  5. There is nothing like a campfire and roasted wieners with good friends. This is the way to spend the winter months. I always worry about one of our girls falling out of bed and getting hurt.

  6. I'm jealous you guys are still there. It's cold here in Utah and I so wish we were still in Arizona. And why do dogs randomly need to go out at 2am??

  7. Boy, you sure have met some awesome people. Another fun time:)


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