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Friday, April 11, 2014

Short Blog

A busy day for us getting the motorhome ready for our departure, Wickenburg for Emmi’s medication and groceries then back to Wickenburg for dinner with friends.  Our social life is busy—not that we are complaining, we’ve enjoyed meeting all these new friends and spending time with old.  But, it’s way too hot down here for we Montana folks—time to head north! 

And who knew propane tanks expired???  We have a 5lb. propane tank we use with the grill—it needed filling.  North Ranch employees told us the tank was too old?? and could not be filled.  It has the newer three sided shut off value and the newer connector but was not stamped with a current certification date—is this an Arizona thing or nation wide???  The propane place in Wickenburg also would not fill the tank so we just exchanged it for a new one.  We are now propane tank legal!

A good day in AZ!


  1. To hot for us Ontario folks down there too. Am liking this cooler northern air so far. Safe travels home:))

  2. Safe travels Odd about the propane tanks--we have some super old ones here in Washington & no one has refused to fill them.

  3. In PA they won't fill out of date propane tanks either. We ran into your exact situation. I am glad for the safety.

  4. Tanks have to recertified here also, but usually that just means they change the valve and give you a new expiry date. I have no idea though what they do with the frame mounted tanks on a motorhome. Don't get in too much of a hurry heading to far north we got a light dusting of snow last night.

    Did Mike's buddy Sarge make it home or is he stuck in a snowdrift on the Monida?

  5. Needs to warm up quite a bit more for us to get to Montana. The middle of June works for me. We also ran into that problem with our propane tank and are now certified.

  6. Just had my extend a stay tank recertified in Texas.

  7. I had to get new valves on our tanks on our old 5'er too. I think it's just a safety thing.

  8. We hope your drive home mirrors ours, weather wise. We had good weather all the way home.

    We've had to exchange propane tanks too. It is a safety thing, no doubt.


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