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Monday, April 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

A leisurely start this morning had us at Nat’s house just after 11am—Emmi girl was sure glad to see him as he was to see her.  After a quick visit and promises to see him in the next couple days we headed up the Boulder.  Our lower driveway is kind of a mess but Michael was able to slowly inch his way along getting the motorhome to the house just about lunch time.  By 5pm we had it unloaded and all the stuff put away!  I’ve even had the washing machine going—now ask me if I’m pooped!!

We still have some snow drifts, not in the yard but on the hillsides.  The horses look good as do my plants—thanks Lonnie!!  Green grass is showing and the aspen trees have what I call “fuzzies”—spring might finally happen in Montana.  I’ve fed the birds and they seemed glad to see me.


On the way home today I was eating a caramel and noticed something hard mixed in with the candy—yep, one of my crowns came off—GRRRRR!  I managed to get an appointment for 10am tomorrow with the local dentist who put this particular crown on long, long ago.  Going to the dentist was not really in my plans—I need to pack for my quilt retreat!! 

The last two months have been great but it’s also good to be home.


  1. Hopefully it will just be a quick glue job! Welcome home!

  2. So nice to be home. Good luck at the dentist. Hope it can just be glued back down.

  3. Gorgeous picture of the mountains and trees. So nice to see you have made it home. Hope your tooth can be repaired easily. K-

  4. I quit eating carmels years ago for the same reason you just found out about. They suck crowns out by the roots it seems! I had mine glued back in years ago and it hasn't come loose since.

    It's always great to get back home again.

  5. How smart of your crown to wait for your return home! Glad you've made it home safely. The Moab pics were awesome (getting caught up after our time away).

  6. Yikes! Well, at least you've gotten rid of that pesky crown. Hope you get to the bottom of how that happened, so that it will be prevented in the future.

    Dr. Kent Davis


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