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Friday, April 4, 2014

Quilt Shops and Air Conditioner Covers

It’s been a while since I visited a quilt shop, we’ve been busy this season with other things such as ATV and jeep trips.  Today we needed a grocery store run and the RV parts store—I finagled a trip to the quilt shop while Michael went to the RV parts store and look what I found:

IMG_0575 Yep, Christmas fabric—beautiful colors and patterns.  I also found some more border fabric for the art quilt but now I’m thinking the stripe border fabric is growing on me! Smile

While we were back in Montana this winter we had an email from John (we stored the rig at their place in Maricopa), “did you know you were missing your center air conditioner cover?”  Well, no we didn’t, the cowboy is thinking it was covered with ice when we left Montana and somewhere on the way the ice thawed and flew off the roof taking the cover with it.  New ones cost $100-150!!  Well Michael found this place today, Arizona Auto Tech, in Wickenburg which had more RV parts than Camping World for half the price.  The lady manning the counter found Michael a used, in good condition $50 air conditioner cover!  And it fit:


I left a goodly amount of money in the Wickenburg Safeway store—groceries are expensive here but I guess they are expensive anywhere these days. 

Tonight we met Caryl and Jerry at Arrowhead Bar and Grill just out of Congress—they have all you can eat fish and chips on Friday evening—Jerry had his usual burger, the rest of us had fish and one serving was plenty—very good!

Beautiful day in the AZ desert—no wind and Michael practiced flying his helicopter much to Emmi’s dismay.  I was doing dishes when all of a sudden she flew into the motorhome, jumped up on the couch, turned her back to the door and laid her ears back—she positively hates that helicopter!



  1. And she positively looks like she positively hates the helicopter

  2. That looks like one very upset, unhappy Emmi.

  3. AAWWW !!! Bless her heart !! She thinks its gonna get her dad ! I have to laugh every time I think about Rod and the Roomba !

  4. How about an update picture of your art quilt? Love the Emmi pictures, she sure is photogenic. Mister doesn't like it when Greg plays with his copter too, I guess it's the noise.

  5. Emmi looks worried... maybe that huge mosquito is going to get her or someone she loves....

  6. That is one unhappy puppy:)

    How nice that you found Christmas material in that small town. You didn't mention a stop at the Starbucks in the Safeway (my favorite part).

  7. that is some very pretty Christmas fabric! it will make a very festive quilt!!

  8. Poor Emmi....hope she never catches that helicopter on the ground or that will be the end of Michael's flying days.

  9. Maybe Emmi needs a thunder shirt for helicopter days. ;)

  10. What a find that air conditoning cover was. And yes, Emmi seems peeved by the helicopter action.

  11. The quilt material looks so pretty! It is going to make some very pretty creations or creation.

    Poor Emmi. It is sad when our fur kids are fearful.


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