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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Busy Day And Friends Arrive

My day was spent cooking—we had a party to attend this afternoon and tomorrow I’m doing dinner for everybody after Gina and Rollie arrive. 

Years ago when we were participating in a shooting sport, 2003 I think, we met Angela and Ralph in Tucson, AZ.  Ralph was a shooter, Angie said her job was to take care of Ralph! SmileWe became good friends and have kept in touch all these years.  They’ve visited us in Montana and came to Aransas Pass to see us last winter.  They are fulltimers and just recently got back on the road after spending some time in Maryland and Texas dealing with family issues.  It is so good to see them! 

IMG_0627Ms. Emmi likes Angela and it’s a good thing as Angie is Emmi’s designated guardian if something should happen to Mike and me.  Yep, I know that sounds silly but it does happen—remember Bruce and Margie in Pismo Beach, CA??? 

Michael loaded the ATV’s today, aired up tires, and puttered.  Emmi chased balls and barked—up until this winter she wasn’t a barker like most schnauzers can be but all of a sudden she has developed this nasty habit which we are going to nip in the bud—I have the water squirt bottle on hand!

This afternoon we had the pleasure of going to Joe and Kathy’s for a “clean out your freezer/refrigerator party.”  They provided the pulled pork and fixings, the rest of us brought other dishes.  I ate too much as usual when I go to potlucks but it was so good.

From the left, our hostess Kathy, other Cathy, Geri and Nancy IMG_0629IMG_0630Fred and Larry

IMG_0631Tom and Mike

IMG_0632Dale and his wife plus Angie and Ralph.

Angie and Ralph came back here with us and I made a pot of coffee—we sat outside and reminisced some more.  I am just in shock—Angela is not a geek, she uses a computer but has never been in an easy relationship with one Smile.  Her phone was a flip phone—she shows up today with an iPhone!!!!  I’m so proud of her!!  Years ago I taught her how to download photos from a camera card and enhance those photos using a photo editing software called Microsoft Picture It—she claims I was like a Catholic school teacher rapping her knuckles when she did something wrong. "Smile

One last thing—Michael was on the phone with his Dad last weekend.  Nat had complained of having itchy skin and I gave him a bar of my Cetaphil soap—it cured his itch-ies.  Well, he ran out and asked Michael where I had purchased the soap—the grocery store nor the drug store in Big Timber stocked it, Nat had asked.  I went to, found the soap for less than I pay at Wal Mart, used my Prime membership and ordered Nat six bars of Cetaphil soap.  Today they are talking again and Nat said, “I just don’t understand it, I am talking to someone in Arizona on Sunday and on Wednesday soap shows up on my doorstep!”  Isn’t technology great! 


  1. Well, keep those bars of soap stocked and on the shelf !!! That delivery process is amazing ..... As I have said before, you two take the cake as socialites of the snowbird set !!! I am thrilled it has been such a great time for you both in Arizona .... Hope the trip home is the best too !

  2. Love the story about ordering the soap for Nat. Nice work of that, Janna.

    That is quite the social club you two have merged yourselves into. Great fun!

  3. You've sure had a great winter down there in Arizona with all the friends you've socialized with. Amazon has sure made it easy for folks in remote places to get anything they need or want.

  4. Angela and I are from the same "I-can-learn-it-if-I-have-to-but-don't-expect-me-to-geek-out-about-it" tribe :-). Fortunately - or unfortunately- I live with my trainer.
    I love using Amazon Prime to send things to my sons. Jeff posted something about Fruity Pebbles on his Facebook and two days later had a 40 oz bag at this front door.........poor kid.
    Hope the wind dies down for your travels tomorrow.

  5. We did the same thing with Aunt Happy. We looked all over for a humidifier like she wanted and couldn't find one here in town. So I got onto Amazon and ordered her one. Had it sent directly to her with Prime and by the time we got over to visit she had it up and running. Love Amazon. Also love smart phones. They keep saying we're having a breeze today but I would definitely call this a wind so I'm sure hoping it goes away before you head out tomorrow. Good luck with the squirt bottle.

  6. I think I've only ordered three things in the last eight years from Amazon, so I doubt prime would do me much good. Just not in the habit I guess.

  7. Technology is great.....when it works!! It's only Monday & I already have two computers lined up to work on.


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