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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Small Town Fun

IMG_8460-001Michael called Royal and Nancy this morning to check out the status of the small town, Neihart celebration.  The softball game and celebration were to be held this afternoon—we scrambled around getting ready and rolled down the driveway in the little sports car.  Emmi spent the day with Granddad. 

Royal is quite the pig roaster—he had cooked two pigs all night long, for 24 hours total.  People attending were asked to bring side dishes and there was another grill going serving hamburgers and brats.  There was enough food to feed an army—and they did feed over 200 people!  Neihart lost the ball game Sad smile but there is always next year.  Royal and Nancy have quite the group of friends up there in that little mountain town.  For most of their married life they lived in Harlem, MT—they ranched plus Royal taught school and Nancy worked for the USPS.  They are in the process of selling that ranch and spending more time in Neihart. 

IMG_8467A troublesome trio, Michael, Royal and Bob.

IMG_8472The pig cookers.

IMG_8476By the time everyone had been served there were only two of those packages of meat left—I think we started out with eight. 

It was a quick visit for us as we had a two hour drive back to Big Timber to retrieve Emmi.  It’s been a busy Labor Day weekend so far!



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Not to mention a lot of meat:)

  2. Small towns are the best of times. Down home folks!!! Great photo of that special cowboy in your life!!!

  3. I love those small town get-togethers. Why is it that 200 people can seem like a big crowd on a city street, but in a small town it's just right? Maybe because you know everyone and they are all friends. Sorry your team lost the game... incentive to go back next year.

  4. What a great way to spend the Labour Day weekend...doing anything but labour!! :o))

  5. Thanks for not showing a picture of the roasted pigs with their heads still on - I always feel sorry for them!

  6. Now that's some kind of a tail gating party!

  7. Sounds like it was a really great time. We also love small towns for the fun that one can have....!


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