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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Ringing Rocks

Here’s the promised video—those rocks were just so different, kind of eerie but beautiful. 

We made a quick trip to Billings today—I was in desperate need of a haircut plus I needed some stuff at Costco for my upcoming quilt retreat.  We were back home by 2:30pm—that’s quick for us to say the least!

More photos from our trip yesterday:

IMG_2798IMG_2801I love this photo!

IMG_2809IMG_2802Old abandoned buildings from what appeared to be a quarry.  Lesley and I loved the way the rocks all fit together—makes you wonder how in the world they got all those huge rocks in place years ago without the equipment we have now.

IMG_2812IMG_2813Loading up the ATV’s—that’s a job I don’t volunteer for—riding those things up that steep ramp onto the back of the truck.

Once home this afternoon I started preparing for quilt retreat—this time we are going to Deer Lodge, MT and have to prepare our own food instead of having it catered as we do in Red Lodge.  Jeane and I are doing breakfast Saturday morning—all my prep work is done, some laundry is finished and I’ve started to pack a little.  Got ambitious and washed the Cadillac—now I have run out of energy—done for the day.  Michael took a spill this morning—he was going out to the garage, turned his ankle on a rock and went face down—he didn’t hit his face but his hands have skinned spots and he is quite sore all over, especially his wrists.


  1. I was so anxious to hear your "ringing rocks" but when I click on the video it says "this video is private."

    Love seeing you pictures and stories about life in Montana.

  2. Looked to be a great trip. Always better with good friends. Video doesn't play for me, either. Says it's private.

    1. I changed the setting--I always forget to do that when posting videos!

  3. Too bad about Michael's fall - those are no fun and seem to happen out of nowhere. I know as I've had a few tumbles myself. Hope he's o.k. tomorrow.

    Those ringing rocks are really something - they sound like bells. Weird.

  4. oH dear I hope Mike is okay???. I can't play the video but its because my software is to old and it won't down load the new that I tried many times now lol.

  5. See, I am not the only one that goes full body down from a rock on the flat! Sorry to hear about Michael and I know exactly how you ache all over. Boy is it jarring at this age. Good to see he has strong bones and is fine. Luckily, I don't have these problems rocking climbing up the side of a 12,000' mountain...haha!

    Thank you for the video! When someone commented on there being ringing rocks in PA, I immediately went to work locating them. They are about an hour from where we are. Since we will be in PA til the end of Oct, this will need to be a stop. I can't wait! So glad you shared:)

  6. The ringing rock s are so cool. Put a few musicians up there and one could play a tune or two.

    Michael's fall reminds us all that these accidents do happen. I hope he heals quickly.

  7. The ringing rocks were VERY cool!! I want to play!!

  8. Sure hope Michael is okay. Worry about his ankle. Since breaking mine I always worry about ankles. Have a great time in Deer Lodge. Love those rocks.


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