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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Look What We Grew And A Drive

IMG_8706Look at those gorgeous, delicious carrots which came from our garden—I’m thinking we will be planting more carrots next year—at least they grow in Montana with our short growing season.  That’s swiss chard in the bowl and in the bottom of the bowl is another bunch of green beans.  Maybe I should forget about planting tomatoes??

What is it with this time of year.  Is anyone else as tired as we are—we are NOT sleep late type people, it is rare for either of us to be in bed after 6am.  Lately we’ve been sleeping until 7am or after—this morning was one of those times—which means we take a walk later and I get started on the puttering later—oh, well! Winking smileI puttered in the kitchen, made tacos for lunch then Michael suggested a drive.

We took a road which headed off from Swingley Road near Livingston—how’s that for directions??Winking smileRough, nasty road but oh, my was the scenery ever beautiful!  See for yourself--


I just baked an apple sharlotka—a Russian apple cake—it looks good, will let you know tomorrow how it tasted—the recipe came from the Smitten Kitchen.



  1. You are so right, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. We could sure use a few of those great looking mountains here in southwestern Ontario.

  3. How nice! Your photos are lovely.

  4. Your scenic shots are terrific - especially the one of the Russian Apple Cake!!

  5. Howdy Janna & Mike,

    Mike has 'good ideas' !!! I think the VIEW from your place is just as pretty, NO TREES, just fields & rolling mountains; trees just block the view of the mountains !!!! Was this a 'car' drive or 4-wheeler cruise ??? If a car, WHICH ONE ?? Your place must look like a car-lot or like ours, with'em parked scattered out over the whole yard; one by the well, one by the barn, six under the tree in front f the house... Jeff Foxworthy ain't got nuthin' on us, only we don't have any grass to mow !!!!! We can see ours all of the time !!!!
    Please, give Ms Emmi a hug from us !!!! Well, give the old cowboy one too, also.....

    Hope the weather holds and y'all have lots of HAPPY DAYS !!!!!

  6. Beautiful scenery! And what a beautiful apple cake:)

    I always have to laugh when I read about how early everyone gets up. It doesn't matter how early I would go to bed, I never get up til after 7:00. If I have to be up by 7:00, I have to set the alarm. And then I only move to the living area to have coffee. Sunrises are not in my life. I live those through others:)

  7. Oh, no, I forgot to mention my favorite vegetable! I LOVE swiss chard!! That young chard is so gorgeous! I bet it was really tasty.

  8. Those carrots look wonderful. Both Scooter and I love carrots. Montana definitely has some of the most beautiful scenery ever. Well at least the western 2/3 of it. The eastern portion is beautiful also but you really have to look for it. It was cold here yesterday with 45 mph winds. But today is gorgeous. Hopefully that's the worst of the weather for us but I think it's headed your way.


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