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Thursday, September 5, 2013

We Are Beat

Yoga this morning, another great workout, scurried home, drove into Big Timber, removed Nat’s sutures from his nose surgery and fed him lunch—homemade beef stew and cornbread muffins.  It hit the spot.

The 1995 Ford diesel which has not run in six years got a workout today—Michael hooked the enclosed trailer to that truck and we headed off to Livingston to help our friend Gwen move some things.  Her husband Arch died in March and she has sold their home—Gwen is a realtor and property manager, she is moving for the time being into the home/lodge of one of her clients.  Most of her stuff is being moved and stored by professional movers but we helped her with some of the personal stuff which was going to her new spot.  I didn’t “glow” today, I sweated and Michael out sweated me!!!  The enclosed trailer has a ramp and Nat had a two wheeled dolly/cart which helped tremendously. 

The truck performed beautifully and Michael is thrilled—he has a few more things to tweak, not the least of which is the air conditioning doesn’t work!!! but it runs and runs well for something which sat in the hayfield for six years!

Emmi spent the day with Nat—we didn’t walk back in the house tonight until almost 8pm—we are beat!!

2013-09-05 18.20.00They don’t call it the Paradise Valley for nothing!  I took this photo with my little Samsung smartphone—pretty good for a phone camera and shot from a moving pickup I might say!!  The place where Gwen will be staying has this for a view. 


  1. It was definitely a hot day to be moving stuff. You guys should sleep well tonight.

  2. Your Samsung photo is incredibly sharp and clear - wow! Take a day off!

  3. Yours was one busy day. How cool that the old 1995 truck is back up and running again. What was the problem with it?


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