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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Saturday In Montana

Warmer this morning when we awoke than when we went to bed last night—reason—wind and more wind.  Fall and winter in our valley tend to be very windy and this fall has started out with a bang.  We took a walk then I headed to town with a quilt packaged to mail and a grocery list.  I don’t shop at our local Big Timber grocery store unless I am desperate—well today I was out of bread, eggs, flour and a couple other essentials—so I guess I was desperate. 

Lunch, naps, computer time, puttering—that’s about the extent of our day.  Michael did get a little done on the shed and I made two bunnies—only three more to go! 

Tonight we had dinner with Joe and Tammy, along with their son Jeff, his girlfriend Riley and her Dad, Paul all from Colorado.  Jeff and Riley are both attending Montana State University in Bozeman.  Today was Paul’s birthday and Tammy did a wonderful job of making it a special day for him.  George and Shirley also joined us.  Tammy moved the dining table into the living room so we could all admire the gorgeous view from their windows.  We miss that view—I can remember when I dated Michael, we would come up the Boulder to the unfinished house, pull this old wicker couch up to the windows, prop our feet on the window sill, drink wine, eat popcorn and admire that awesome view.  We are glad Tammy and Joe appreciate the view as much as we did.

Back home tonight Ms. Emmi let us know it wasn’t right to leave her here all alone!!  But Mom did play with her today and Brenda, she is doing just fine without basketballs—we have soft bones to fetch—better for her teeth!


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  1. Another nice Montana day spent out of the wind while enjoying the company of good folks.


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