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Monday, September 23, 2013

Achy Muscles

OH, MY did I ever work up some achy muscles this morning!  When we chose our garden spot alongside the pond and built the fence—weeds outside the fence never crossed our minds.  There is a little strip of ground between the fence and the water—not enough room to stand and pull weeds unless you want to take an unexpected bath.  Pulling weeds from a kayak would not be a good idea, eitherSmile.  Today Michael pulled the fencing panels up with the little mini-excavator and even pulled some of the weeds with the machine.  I pulled and shoveled out the rest—well almost the rest—before my aching back said, “enough!”  We are going to do a little fencing rearrangement to keep the deer out and still allow me to get to the weeds along the pond bank.  Maybe tomorrow I will finish that little project—depends on what the “back” says!

Lunch was leftovers then Michael headed up the hill to work on his new shed project—he made lots of progress today in spite of twisting a backhoe tire off the rim!  I got in a few good hours of quilting and book listening—I love to listen to people read to me and it makes the time go by quickly. 

Answered the phone this afternoon and received a very pleasant surprise—Mike and Pat are leaving their place in South Dakota heading for Arizona and are stopping by here over the weekend—yea!!! 

Tonight for dinner we enjoyed among other things carrots and green beans from our garden—there is something about home grown carrots—much sweeter than the store bought ones!

The Russian Apple Sharlotka cake I baked over the weekend was delicious, really delicious.  It’s different than any other apple cake I’ve baked—it is not too sweet, there are no nuts—it looks beautiful and tastes wonderful.  Michael loved it!

IMG_8705I took this photo the other morning as the big ole moon was going down over the mountains.

IMG_8738Snow on the mountains again.

IMG_8740Mushrooms—big mushrooms!


  1. Howdy Janna & Mike,
    I looked up & saved the recipe for the apple cake, the site didn't give the recipe !!! It sounds so easy to make I may surprise Joyce and DO IT MYSELF !!! What's Mike going to put in the NEW BARN?? Now he's got the 3/4 ton running, he can't leave it in the pasture???
    How deep is the creek around the garden?? Can't you just wade in the creek to pull weeds, drop'em in the water and let'em float on down to the river... Won't have to compost'em then...

    May the days all be HAPPY DAYS !!!


    I forgot to ask, "Why's your back hurting you??"....

  3. I think anything home grown tastes better than what you get in the grocery stores! Ever heard of Doan's Pills? I think they were for back pain back in the day.

  4. yum carrots from your garden sounds wonderful. Maybe we will get to try some of your Apple cake when we have visit in October? Beautiful photos of your mountains. How is Emmi doing without having a ball to play with?

  5. That Apple cake sounds delicious. Their is nothing like fresh veggies from the garden. I love all your pictures someday we hope to travel back through Montana. Maybe when Mike & Pat visit you could talk him into blogging again. We miss hearing from them. Here in Ontario, Canada this morning our temp is 52 going up to 68 beautiful weather for this time of the year.

  6. What a beautiful view you have there! Love the picture with the moon.

  7. Weed pulling is the worst yard job I can think of. Maybe a slightly tired back for a few days might be a good idea.

  8. Weed pulling is no fun! Anything to make that job easier sounds like a good plan to me. Home grown vegetables are hard to beat.....and from your blog, Mike and Pat might be looking forward to tasting some of that. Come to think of it, JB and Brenda seem keen on trying some of your veggies out too.

    Very nice mountain scenic photos.

  9. Say 'Hello' to our Congress neighbors when they get there:))


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