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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Off In Different Directions

IMG_8803-001Sunrise on the East Boulder this morning.

Lonn called a couple days ago and asked if we would like to take an ATV ride on Sunday.  Well, I thought about it for a while and decided I would send Michael off with Lonn and I would have a whole day to myself to sew—and that’s just what I did!  Got all those bunnies sewn together—all nine of them. 

I said we had wind yesterday—well we REALLY had wind today!  I almost had to put an anchor on Ms. Emmi while we were out walking—it was hard to stand upright.  Almost back to the house I heard a loud crack—as in a tree falling and wondered where it fell.  Around the back of the house to play with Emmi in the back yard and I noticed tree limbs on the creek side deck—uh-oh!!  The tree was across the creek and the very top of it hit the deck doing no damage—the larger tree also took out a smaller one so Michael now has a good sized mess to clean up.  Our friend Dortha said on my Facebook page, “bears in your yard, trees hitting the deck, time to head south.”



This afternoon I made pumpkin scones and blueberry/lemon scones—YUM!  One of the yoga group has a birthday this week! 


  1. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Mike will have that tree cleaned up in no time. Praying you experience no more damage.

  2. Thankful for you there was no damage just a mess to clean up

  3. Well Dortha might be right but don't go heading south before we head south.

  4. Talked to my sis in Helena today and it was only 42. Between that and the wind, I agree - it's definitely time to get out of there and go south.

  5. That's some mess for Michael to clean-up. Looks like a chain saw job to me. Lots of wind here last night too but quiet this morning.

  6. This is clearly the season for wind. We've had our share too, these past few days. Once cleaned up, there will be some new firewood stacked from that fallen tree.


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