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Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Go Do It

A quilting friend of mine posted this on Facebook today, “Recently, there was an article that told how the wealthiest places on earth are not the oil fields of the Middle East nor the diamond mines of South Africa. The wealthiest places are the cemeteries. Buried in the ground are businesses that were never formed, songs that were never sung, books that were never written, potential that was never realized, and dreams that never came to pass. So just go do it.......”  Life can change so quickly, so very quickly for the bad—just go do it, fulfill your dreams, write that book, take that trip, whatever it was or is, just go do it.  Michael and I are not wealthy in money but we are so incredibly wealthy in so many other ways—our health, an awesome, beautiful place to live which has no mortgage, no debt, great family and friends, the means to travel when we want—we took a chance on retiring early and we are so glad we did—we are surely blessed! 



  1. Amen to that! That's a motto I can live by.

  2. I am so glad that you retired early and are living your dream. John and I keep wondering why we did not do this earlier.

  3. consider yourself most fortunate! so glad that the two of you are enjoying life!!!

  4. Well said Janna. The anniversary of my sisters death just passed and it is a constant reminder to do what I want to do now. We are also truly blessed with the things you and Mike have and and forever grateful for the places
    I have been able to enjoy, the people I love and just life itself.

  5. I retired on my 55th Birthday - soon as eligible, and have never regretted it.

  6. Well said Janna! Those are our thoughts too! Just go do it!!!! There are no second chances with life.

    1. Git-er-done!! Isn't it fun living the dream!! I love doing what I want, when I want.

  7. Just passing through but love this the champion bull rider Ty Murray said "If not now when?"


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