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Sunday, September 22, 2013

To Powell, WY We Go

I had the choice of either packing the motorhome again (which means unpacking when we get home) or taking a LONG day trip to Powell, WY—I chose the day trip—the thought of packing and unpacking made me way too tired!  We were off to see our friends Jane and Rich along with their daughter Elizabeth and her baby girl Tegan.

I moved to Powell, WY from Houston, TX in 1992 to become the operating room coordinator—soon after I arrived the Director of Nursing quit and I took that position.  Jane was one of my nurses and I eventually trained her to work in the operating room.  Rich worked in the laboratory at the same hospital.  When circumstances occurred which left me on my own in Powell, Jane and Rich took me into their family and we became the best of friends.  They were not sure of my sanity when I quit my position at Powell Hospital to marry a cowboy and move to Montana—but they grew to love Michael as much as they loved me.

Life dealt their family a tragic blow in 2002 and now life isn’t being so kind to them again—dang it!!  We drove over to take lunch and get in a long visit.  Plus we got to see Elizabeth and 17 month old Tegan whom we had not met!  Elizabeth is expecting their second baby, a boy sometime in November—Dad is a Navy pilot stationed in California. 

IMG_8735I think Jane likes being a Grandma—what do you think??

We had a great visit and little Tegan is a doll—she wasn’t sure about these strange people in her Grandma and Grandpa’s house but she warmed up and smiled at us eventually. 

The drive over to Powell is a lesson in geography—you go from irrigated farm land along river beds to barren desert skirted by rugged mountain.

IMG_8722The rugged Beartooth mountains outside Clark, WY. 

It was a great day—we retrieved Emmi at Nat’s—he had a BIG horseshoe pitching tournament yesterday and is mighty exhausted—he said he and Emmi spent a lot of time napping in the recliner today. 


  1. I'm glad you got to see your friends even if it meant a really long day for you.

  2. Looks like you made a good choice.... seeing friends again always makes a long trip worthwhile.

  3. You're right - Tegan is a doll. I'm sure your friends really appreciated your visit.

  4. A whirlwind trip to visit friends brings lasting memories. Good on you both for taking the drive. Nice countryside too!

  5. Howdy Janna & Mike,
    Glad y'all enjoyed your trip and got to meet that darling baby !!! How did the horse-shoe tournament go, how many showed up; did Nat win ???

    Hope y'all get rested-up and have a HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!


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