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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Garden Work And The Tin Tee Pee Is Finished

IMG_8753Sunrise on the East Boulder.

Michael started his day off early, after our walk he headed up the hill to work on the shed and didn’t come down until about 6pm except for lunch.  I started my day with yoga which helped my aching back tremendously allowing me to finish winterizing both gardens.  We still have lettuce, swiss chard, and carrots growing so I left those but the rest of the ground is tilled and covered with heavy black plastic to deter weeds. 

On our walk this morning Emmi and a mule deer doe had a stand-off:

IMG_8758OK, who is going to blink first??

IMG_8759and the little black dog is off, the deer seems to be saying, “seriously” but she did run when Emmi gave chase and barked.  Our former schnauzer, Jazz would also chase deer and NOT come back—she would not listen to our commands, sometimes going out of sight long enough for us to go get the Kawasaki mule and start searching for her.  Emmi chases the deer just long enough to get them out of her space where they then stand and look at her as if to say, “there, are you happy now you little yappy dog???” Emmi comes back immediately when we call—much better and much safer!


IMG_8763The Tin Tee Pee is basically finished inside and only a little polishing remains to be done on the outside.  Know anyone who wants to buy a fully restored 1976, 23 foot Avion Travelcader travel trailer?? SmileIt was always our intention to sell the trailer when we finished the restoration—now’s the time. 

Late this afternoon when I came inside I decided to try my hand at making some more “blind bunnies” for the Buggy Barn quilt—finished one before Michael arrived and it was time to make some supper. 

Our weather is a changing!  Tonight and tomorrow it is to be colder with rain and possibly snow but back up to 73 degrees on Saturday.  Typical fall weather in Montana.


  1. Good girl Emmi - protect your land from intruders. The Tin Tee Pee looks wonderful. You shouldn't have any problem selling that little jewel.

  2. nice job on the renovation!! looks lovely! I am sure you will have no problem what so ever selling that beauty!!

  3. The Tin Tee Pee definitely has that cozy factor alright. Nice job.

  4. Wow, the Tin Tee Pee sure looks different than it did just a few weeks ago, what a beautiful job!

  5. You shouldn't have any trouble selling the Tin TeePee at all - it looks beautiful.

    I got a kick out of seeing those pics of Emmi and the deer. It's funny how our little dogs think they're so big and scary sometimes.


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