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Friday, September 27, 2013

Playing With Picasa

Well now Mother Nature, I think Sept. 27 is just a mite early for snow, don’t you think???  It sure made for some beautiful photos today and I took the opportunity to play with Picasa—not sure why at this late date—our blogging friend Rick thinks Picasa’s days are numbered—you can still use it on your desktop but Google may not support the program. 

IMG_8786-002Our morning view as we walked. 

I spent the morning loading a baby quilt for my Mom and making another bunny for the “blind bunny” quilt. SmileAbout noon when coming upstairs to make lunch for Nat and Michael I saw these two huge dogs in our driveway—behind the dogs were Joe and Tammy—the owners of our former ranch.  They had come to spend the weekend.  They joined us for a simple lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup—one of Michael and Nat’s favorites—go figure!  We haven’t seen Joe and Tammy in a while—it was fun to get caught up. 

Finished quilting Mom’s little baby quilt, labeled it and now it is in the box ready to ship out to her.  I may just work on the blind bunny quilt tomorrow and Sunday! 

Michael and Nat are making great progress on the shed in spite of our crummy weather.  By noon the sun was out and although it was still cold and breezy—the scenery was simply spectacular. 



  1. Yes, it is a little early for snow but it sure is beautiful! I love the first photo:)

  2. What beautiful shots of the mountains with the snow on them. Nice job with the Picasa edits as well.

    Nothing wrong with grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch - one of my fav's too!

  3. I use Picasa all the time and plan on keeping it on the computer even if Google drops it for as long as possible:)

  4. Put a little onion with that Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup and it is high on my list also.

  5. I am so sorry we can't make it over to see you guys.... I hope you will come to North Ranch and see us. I hate this happened, but God was with us as it could have been much worse. Things happen for a reason, as God has a plan and we will follow. Take care.

  6. What beautiful country you live in!

  7. Spectacular!! BUT where are the baby quilt pictures?? :o))

  8. Beautiful photos! I do hope Picasa (on the desktop) doesn't go away any too soon. I love it as well.


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