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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another One Of Those Lost Days

As in where did the time go???  I went to my first yoga class in over a week and thoroughly enjoyed it—I’m a little sore but that’s to be expected when you’ve slacked off going to quilt retreats, etc.

Back home I made chicken fajitas for lunch and then busied myself cleaning the TinTeePee and restoring all the stuff—dishes, towels, etc.—to their rightful spots.  We are auditioning different products trying to find one which will take away the hazy film on the outside of the TinTeePee—I am thinking it will involve lots of elbow grease! Smile

Last evening we took dinner over to Lonnie and LoraLee—ribs and those crash hot potatoes.  It was fun visiting with them—we haven’t been over in a while.  All day it rained a few drops but about the time we got over on the West Boulder last night it turned nasty—lots of rain and wind. 

IMG_8684Our bear activity has picked up a bit—seeing more “piles” if you know what I mean! Winking smile

On our way out last night we spotted our neighbors picking apples—had to stop for a photo!

IMG_8687Russ and Eileen

Here’s wishing you a good Wednesday!


  1. Very creative apple pickers. I see apple pie in their future.

  2. That is one brave lady in the bucket of the tractor. About the haze on the TTP. Have you ever heard of Norwex cloths. Google them. They are amazing as how they make everything clear and shiny!!

  3. About the haze or oxidation on your rig, I've tried lots of different products including Mequiar's, Mother's etc. but the only one that did a great job on our RV's was this one from 3M:

    3M™ Fiberglass Restorer and Wax

    It really does a great job and is formulated and safe for use on fiberglass and gelcoat.

  4. Howdy Janna & Mike,

    Check out the VINTAGE TRAILER WEBSITE !!! They have all of those EXTREMELY BRILLIANTLY POLISHED trailers, that'll knock your eyes out and are NOT ALLOWED, in some states, ON THE HIWAYS !!! They have all types and schemes for polishing TIN TEE PEEs !!! VINEGAR DOES LOTS OF WONDERS, you might try it !!

    I knew the bears were gonna show up; was it grizz or black bear squat???

    Hope all goes well, the neighbors give you some apples, the bears don't get Ms Emmi and Janna & Mike have some HAPPY DAYS !!!!


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