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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meeting Bloggers

Where Are The Dixons Today??  Why having lunch with us in Big Timber that’s where!  In a recent blog Sandie mentioned they were leaving Helena and heading to Billings, MT on Tuesday.  Unless you are going completely around the world, you have to go through Big Timber to get from Helena to Billings so I asked Sandie if they would like to meet.  We met them at Iron Star Pizza and enjoyed a good couple hours getting to know each other.  IMG_8484

Back home we spent the afternoon on various chores—nothing exciting—Michael painted the flatbed of his 1995 truck and I did some Tin Tee Pee work—we are getting close to having that thing ready for lots of photos! 

IMG_8482Baling hay in the smoke—yuk, we could even smell it today.

We have both noticed Emmi having symptoms she never has—her appetite was poor, she seemed to tire really quickly when we were walking—she is usually zipping all over the place, and she was panting for long periods of time—something else she just doesn’t do.  We made the decision to take her off the medicine for her urinary incontinence.  I researched the drug side effects and the symptoms Emmi had were mentioned as well as possible strokes—better safe than sorry.  I also researched some herbal type treatments and we may try some of those. 

Tomorrow—yoga, I can’t wait!


  1. Ahhh... the next phase of the hayfield... wish I were there just to take in the smell... wait a minute... smoke? Oh, I want the smell of fresh cut hay. Isn't it great to meet other bloggers? We've had that experience a few times... I love it!

  2. Janna, what is the medicine called? Our dog has it too and takes Proin 50mg. We sometimes notice that she sleeps a little more, but she is 9 so it is hard to tell if it is from the med. She has had the incontinence since a few years old.

  3. how nice that you got to meet Jim and Sandie!!
    hope that Emmi is feeling better soon!!

  4. Great fun meeting blog friends:) It is always so neat to finally meet face to face after so much blog time.

    Boy, that smoke is bad! Hope a big wind come to blow it away.

    Please keep us updated on Emmi! Hope she is better now that she off the medicine.

  5. It was so great to meet you guys today and thanks so much for lunch. It was wonderful. I'm glad you're going to take Emmi off that medicine. How about putting some puppy pads on your lap. Poor girl.

  6. How nice that you got to meet with some blogger friends. Tin Tee Pee photos of your collective work is something to look forward too.

  7. Hope Emmi starts to feel better soon.

    Nice photo of the Dixons. Sounds like you had a good lunch and visit.

    Wow, it sure is smoky in them thar hills.

  8. So glad you four had such a wonderful time. They are delightful people.

    I hope Emmi feels much better very soon.


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