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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wow, What Happened To Fall

Our high temp today was 42 degrees—it was cold, rainy and blustery—did we go straight from fall to winter.  If so, oh, well—bring on the snow!  No more bear sightings today, dang it.  I went to yoga this morning after putting a pot of vegetable beef soup on the stove.  Nat came for lunch and I served the soup with homemade bread.  Whipped up a quick batch of brownies using the recipe from the big Costco sized bag of chocolate chips.

I did something I’ve never done—ran out of thread on the spool while quilting.  I was probably less than a hour from finishing LoraLee’s quilt, I was at the bottom and all I had to do was go back to the middle and finish up some close work—dang it!!!  Superior Threads to the rescue, should have the thread by Monday.

Michael worked on the shed all day and Nat even went up and sawed a log into boards after lunch.  He must have wanted to saw logs in a bad way—he is not normally willing to be outside in cold weather—says he had enough of that when he was feeding cattle in the winter.

Another sadness—my friend Kelly from Kansas City lost her Daddy this week—I’ve spent time around him several times—he was just a hoot, funny and very personable—John will be missed so much.


Hope you’ve all had a great day!


  1. it's really cold here in Reno, too. The high today was only 54 and there's snow on the mountain tops. I need to get further south. Sorry to hear about Kelly's Dad. Always a sad time. I've made hamburger soup, chili, and spaghetti this week because it's been so cold.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friends Father.

    Sounds like the snow's gonna fly in Montana soon.......brrrr!!

  3. We went from a sunny couple of days to rain and blustery winds. Our west coast now looks like a typical winter wet day.

  4. Howdy Janna & Mike, & Ms Emmi,
    Nat must really have been bored, if he came for lunch and then went out and ran the sawmill, for Mike, in the COLD, when he could have been home, in his 'horse-shoe-pitchin'-place'... INSIDE..
    Did y'all ever get him his NEW truck???.
    Well, phooey & consarnit, runnin' outta thread that close to finishin', ain't no fun, but as big as it was, you probably didn't allow enough thread and made more 'curlie-cues' than planned on... It is sooooo beautiful...
    Hope the bear went into hibernation and y'all & Ms Emmi can have a lotta HAPPY DAYS....


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