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Monday, September 9, 2013

Social Butterflies

When we got home Saturday night from dinner in Livingston with Sarge and Sarah there was a message from friend and neighbor Ken, “would you like to take those new 4-wheelers on a day trip?”  Well of course we would! 

We left home before 7am this morning headed for Pipestone, MT over near Butte.  There are literally miles and miles of dedicated, maintained trails through the forest, hills and rocks to be used by hikers, horse back riders, motorcycles, ATV’s, and jeep type vehicles.  Miles, miles and more miles of beautiful country.  Ken and Lesley led us up the hills onto the dry flats and down into the creek beds where there was water flowing and the temps were cool.  We started the day out in several layers and it looked as if we might get rain but it didn’t happen and it turned into a beautiful, warm day. 

One destination in all those miles of trails was the Ringing RocksI borrowed the “sign” photo from the internet—there was no snow today! SmileThere were hammers hanging on the sign to use for striking the rocks—the tones were like music—it was incredible!!!  A very different kind of place!!


Well dang it—I took a video, you can clearly hear the tones but YouTube is being contrary tonight telling me it is in “read only” mode and I can’t access my videos until it fixes itself—GRRRRR.  So stay tuned tomorrow night for the Ringing Rocks video.

Thanks a bunch Ken and Lesley for sharing your expertise with us—we enjoyed today so much!! 




  1. We've been there!!! It is so cool. I think there are only three places in the world like this. The others are in Pennsylvania (we've also been to those) an the other is New Zealand or Australia and we won't see them. But we just took the truck up so you got to see some prettier spots than we did.

  2. How cool!! I've never heard of such a thing. Can't wait for the video to hear the sound. Very nice that there were hammers there for people to try. I was wondering how you would get them to sing.

    Looks like a very fun day:)

  3. A great time had quading and enjoying the high mountain country. I'll check out the video once you get to post them on line.


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