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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too Smart

That’s my Cadillac, too smart for it’s own good and with way too many gadgets for going wrong!!  If you leave your blinker on too long, the car chimes to let you know—of course when it chimes you have no idea what’s wrong because you don’t hear your blinker all ready!!!  When you put the car in park and remove the key, the driver seat slides back automatically—squishing people such as Jeane who happen to be riding in the back seat on the way to quilt retreat—it didn’t really squish her but she couldn’t get her bag out until I re-adjusted the seat. 

It has a tire monitoring system that has been acting a little squirrelly lately.  It would tell us the right rear tire was low—we would put air in that tire then it would began to tell us every tire was low.  Right before we left for quilt retreat Michael cycled the system and put air in each tire which made the silly thing happy.  I drove all the way to Deer Lodge, MT and back, a total of 400 miles round trip and the system never showed a low tire.  When I went to yoga on Tuesday, there it was again, right rear tire low.  Michael aired up the tire and we drove to Billings—while I was in the doctor’s office he took the car to a tire shop where they found a HUGE nail in the tire!!!  Amazing that I was able to drive all that way without the tire ever reading low!

Yoga this morning and Nat coming for lunch—I made a meatloaf, set the oven to start automatically and I was off to yoga.  I almost had everything ready by the time Nat arrived.  He and Michael spent a couple hours talking history after lunch.  At 91 years old it is amazing how sharp his brain still is!

Not much else happening around here—my house is spiffy clean—I worked hard all afternoon in between playing with Emmi.  No more balls for Emmi—when we were in our veterinarian's office a while back, Kirk noticed Emmi’s canine teeth were very worn as in almost gone!!!  He said this happens to dogs who chew on rocks or bones or balls.  Poor Emmi, no more basketball—she would try to bite the basketball which is probably what wore her teeth away. 



  1. You can fix those teeth you know. A couple of weeks ago we were out at the Yaha Tinda with a lady who is K-9 handler/trainer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She had a retired police dog, Night, with her and she had broken her canines, hopefully on some bad guys head. They sent her off to the doggy dentist and put in two Titanium implants, good as new, and only $8000.00. A little expensive but it is EMMI!

  2. Well, John--yes she is EMMI but the vet said she will be just fine with shorter canines! :)

  3. My chevy has been telling me I'm low on windshield fluid. The message board drives me crazy. Always beeping about something.

  4. My basic Ford Focus doesn't talk to me much, and I'm okay with that. ;)

  5. My Jeep this morning told me I was a doorknob.

  6. The car hasn't said anything lately, but my wife did call me an idiot just before dinner.

  7. My Jeep does all of that. When JB drive it when we have company I am usually behind him in the back seat and yes I do get squished when the seat moves back. In fact you and Mike might have been with us when that happened.

    Poor Emmi but like JB said you could get them fixed. Shauna showed me the dogs teeth. They looked pretty cool.

    1. Would Canadian healthcare pay for Emmi's new teeth??? :)) I don't think mine in the US would!

  8. The best feature on Paulette's Honda Civic is when it tells us we're nearly out of gas - that's a good thing.

  9. Ah...yes....all of those gadgets on modern vehicles can act up and drive us crazy. On the other hand, the tire pressure monitoring system was signalling the truth. I like that idea.

    I can hope to be able to discuss history when I am 91 years old. How great that is for Nat.


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