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Friday, September 6, 2013

An ATV Ride and That’s It

This is my birthday weekend—I tried to make it my birthday week but Michael wasn’t going for that! Smile So, Michael let me choose what we were going to do today.  After our walk we loaded up some snacks, water and the Emmi girl, heading for Moccasin Lake.  It was a beautiful day!!



IMG_2762Back home, lunch and we both settled down in our chairs where we spent the rest of the day.  Emmi was on her bed snoozing away.  We had a thunderstorm roll through bringing us over 1/2 inch of rain with lots of thunder and lightening. 

Last night I took Emmi outside about 9pm for her last outs—I did not see the surprise in the photo below so the bear must have come through some time in the night.  That’s our deck and just beyond the photo edge is our bedroom where the bedroom French door was standing wide open.  Yep, only a screen door between us and Mr. Bear. 

IMG_8499The evidence in the lower middle of the photo—full of chokecherry seeds so no, Jim, I didn’t steal all his chokecherries and make jelly! Smile


  1. That is much too close for comfort. Happy Birthday. Hope Emmi is feeling better today.

  2. Oh yeah, scat studies! ;) I guess you guys aren't as tasty as choke cherries...

  3. Lovely day, but eeek on the bear skat. And Happy Birthday young lady!

  4. A belated Happy Birthday wish goes out to you!!! We too have only a screen door separating our bed room from the critters. Ours is a patio door, and we keep a stick in the door that it can only open so far. And I made darn sure its narrow enough that a bear can't get in!!! Soon they will be hibernating and our worries will be over until spring!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Janna!! Glad you had a nice day:)

    Scary to think about how close that bear was during the night. He must have been a quiet one. But he certainly wanted you to know he was there.

  6. Happy Birthday, Janna. Sure glad that Bear didn't decided to go looking for some of your Chokecherry Jelly.

  7. Happy birthday, Janna! To get to choose your birthday activity is nice and it seems you made a good day of it. That was one curious bear you had traipsing through your place.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Whoa, that bear was to close for comfort. Stay safe.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Janna, your blog is wonderful, and it is a joy to read your notes and see pictures of the beautiful place you live!! I disagree with Michael, you have earned a birthday week!!Go for it!!!

  10. Well now if you had of had a birthday week we might have made it home in time to wish you a Happy Birthday on time, but this belated one will have to do. Looking forward to our upcoming visit.


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