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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glad To Be Home But Wishing I Was Still Sewing

What is it about getting together with a group of really good friends who inspire you??  Makes you want to stay another day or two but Michael and Emmi were ready for me to be home!  Fall quilt retreat is history and we had so very much fun.  We laughed until the tears ran, we ate until we were stuffed, we sewed, shopped and talked.  Now I need a vacation from my vacation. 

At the retreat in April, Shirley showed off a quilt she had made using the book by Buggy Barn, Stir Crazy, this is the page from the book.


She had yet to sew anything thing onto the bunnies for eyes and the rest of the gang began calling her quilt “the blind bunny quilt.”  Everyone got into the act and began buying kits and books for making bunny quilts, including me!  Mary F. got us all started yesterday—we laughed so much making those bunny blocks especially when Gay and Roxie had an accidental bunny head mix-up—that one had us all literally rolling around on the floor laughing!!

IMG_8636Roxie’s bunny.IMG_8673IMG_8637

Jeane’s colorful bunnies on the left, mine on the right.

IMG_8640Mary’s pretty bunny. 

Last night during gift exchange—the gifts had to be homemade—some beautiful things were received, stolen and stolen again—have you ever played that gift game???  Seems kind of cruel to open a present and then have somebody steal it right out of your hands, doesn’t it!!!  Gay was determined to not let anyone see what was in her bag so it couldn’t be stolen--


IMG_8644This sweet little bug was made by Jane who chose to accompany her husband to Chicago rather than attend quilt retreat with us—what’s up with that??? Smile

When you are sewing lots of tiny pieces such as for the bunny quilts or the string quilts we are making for charity, it is nice to have access to an iron right by your chair.  The high wattage irons we all use these days are not kind to electrical breakers when several of those irons kick on at the same time.  Jeane as well as Donna, Bette had purchased these cool, tiny steam irons from Amazon which did the trick. 

Rather than overload your computers with photos, tomorrow I will put together a slideshow of all the beautiful creations and quilts which happened this weekend.  After a delicious brunch prepared by Mary F., Gay and Roxie we all slowly began finishing projects and started packing.   We all left with hugs and promises of getting together BEFORE the next scheduled quilt retreat in April, 2014. 

There was one happy husband and one ecstatic little dog waiting to see me when I rolled in the driveway! 


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  2. Clearly you girls had a good time. It is a nice getaway, by all accounts!

  3. Howdy Janna,

    If y'all had spent more time sewing, instead of laffin' & havin' fun the quilts would've had straighter seams; you just can't laff and sew straight seams !!! hee hee The quilt pieces look pretty and the 'girls' do too, also !!!

    Glad you're home and the bears didn't getcha !!! Hope y'all get to town before the snow flies, so, y'all can have a lot of HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!

  4. You can't take more fun than that, sounds like a wonderful time. Love the bunny squares, can't wait to see all the creations from the weekend.

  5. I love the bunny quilts!!! Thanks for the link to the iron. Sounds like a good idea for the MH. Think I'll get one!!

  6. You girls had WAY too much fun!! Love that bunny quilt! I have always wanted to make a Buggy Barn quilt...I have my eye on their basket quilt! The irons look wonderful!! Thanks for the link!


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