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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snow On The Mountains

Yes, you read that correctly—we got rain down here and our mountains received snow:

IMG_8689IMG_8691It was a blustery, cool day here and in Billings. 

I had my yearly physical and mammogram done today—not the most pleasant of experiences but necessary. 

Emmi girl stayed with Nat and we spent some time visiting with him when we got home.  He is a busy man—a while back one of his long time friends and horseshoe pitching buddies died.  Arne’s three daughters decided to donate money for a Arne Mosness Memorial Horseshoe Pitching tournament which will be held at Nat’s indoor court on Saturday.  The three daughters are cooking the lunch and Nat is expecting a good crowd.  For his sake, I hope it’s a BIG crowd!! 

And that’s all there is here on the East Boulder today.


  1. We had snow in the Cascades too!!! it always seems as if it is early..... or maybe I am not ready.... I wimped out and had to turn n the heat today :(

  2. Your photos are a reminder that Ol' Man Winter is on its way!! Ugggggg

  3. We had the same weather here yesterday. Yikes I hope it warms up for our arrival Mid October. I am excited to do some riding this trip. I have a sheet of ice on our deck this morning from the rains and then the freeze last night.

  4. Yikes!! Not the 'S Word'!! Haven't heard that word in awhile!! Must be time to fly South for the winter!! :o))

  5. I love looking up in the mts and seeing the tops all covered with snow. We had that seen a lot in April while we were in Moab. The La Salle mountains were out our window.

  6. I bet you two have started talking about plans to head somewhere warm, sometime this coming winter. Snow on our mountain tops here get us talking and making plans to head south.

  7. Howdy Janna & Mike,

    HOORAY FOR NAT & his buddie's daughters !!!! Maybe every OLD cowboy for 50 miles around will show up and celebrate his buddy's life, with a HUGE horse-shoe-pitchn'.... It was so thoughtful of Nat to build an indoor place for OLD cowboys to gather, tell their stories/?? and pitch horse-shoes, when there was snow on the ground, 3' deep !!!
    THAT'S AWFUL, for Ms Emmi, NO BASKETBALL !!!!

    Hope the snow stays on the mountain-tops and y'all enjoy a few more HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!


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