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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our First Bear Sighting and Clouds

Our morning started off with some excitement—I was peacefully sitting in my chair reading blogs and drinking coffee when Michael became very excited, “Janna, look, look!!!!”  I jumped out of my chair saw the tail end of a bear, grabbed the camera and ran to the back of the house just in time to get a butt shot of the bear as he headed off into the aspen trees.


It was a cold, blustery, low hanging clouds kind of day—the weather forecasters were predicting rain and snow in huge amounts for today and tonight—not happening yet!  In spite of the weather Michael made great progress on his shed building and after I finished talking on the phone I quilted and quilted—LoraLee, that is one huge quilt!! 

In the late afternoon I took Michael a thermos of hot chocolate and we sat watching the low hanging clouds move across the sky, reflecting on how extremely blessed we are to live where we do and to have the lifestyle we have. 

IMG_8775Looking a little chubby there Mr. Red!


I made bread today using the Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day cookbook—I made the Light Whole Wheat Bread—I am not a bread maker or rather I should say I am not a kneader.  I’ve never liked kneading bread so using the recipes in this cookbook are a breeze for me (no kneading) and they turn out right every time!  We had bread, cheese and wine for supper—delicious!


  1. You sure do live in a beautiful spot and we are looking forward to sharing it with you in a couple of weeks. I have a couple of horses in the pasture here that make Ol Red look positively skinny. Need any spares!

  2. I bake all of our bread and knead it all in my Kitchen Aid with the dough hook.
    Well all the bread that requires kneading that is. :-)

    I started baking our bread when I found out what they put in it now. Human hair and duck feathers. Wanna guess where that stuff comes from? China. No thank you. ((((shiver))))

  3. That ole bear just keeps getting closer and closer...........gulp! A shotgun with some birdshot might explain to him he isn't welcome....
    We hope to get over that way sometime next week, if we don't run into any more serious obstacles!! Ms Pat is moving rather slow, but at least she is moving! Praise the Lord,,,,,

  4. We are running from that yucky snow and cold weather. So far, have made it to only Casper, but moving on this morning. We never did get to see a bear or moose on this trip. Is it ok to whine?

  5. Mr. Red looks like he's very sad that you are calling him fat. That butt picture is really cute but he's getting a little close for comfort. We found a sunflower loaf of bread yesterday that is just incredible. Going back again today to get another loaf. But I want to try yours if and when we get the oven fixed.

  6. The trouble with homemade bread is that it's so good I can't stop eating it - and, that's not good!

    That bear is a little too close for comfort.

  7. I am with Rick, that bear looks a bit too close:)

  8. Howdy Janna & Mike,
    Wonder where Br'er Bear HAD BEEN before Mike saw him?? Or was he just crossin' the place to get to the other side !!! Good thing Ms Emmi didn't see him, she'd of wanted to chase'im out of her space, like the deer... Are you quilting in the trailer or did you bring the long-arm inside, for the winter?? Red don't look overly 'fat' to me, just needs some saddle time and 'workin'-out'... The sky don't look dark enough for a whole lots of 'majic-crystals', but you know how those prognosticators lie !!!!
    Hope y'all have a very merry HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!

  9. How exciting to have the bear visit!! Glad you caught a little of him:)

    Mr. Red is one huge dude! Very well built...must do a lot of working out:)

    I will have to look into this cookbook. In my sticks and bricks I had a bread machine. Bread with no kneading would be great.


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