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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Trip To The Vet

We had an incredible yoga session this morning, my first with our new instructor Julia.  It is amazing the East Boulder community has contained so many talented yoga people.  Most of the group has done some form of yoga in the past but the three ladies who have taught our classes are amazing!  First there was Ebbie who received her yoga instructor certification just as she was leaving us, then there was Mona who has done yoga all her adult life and now there is Julia—she is so excited about leading us she is getting her certification.  She gave us one heck of a workout this morning!! 

After I made lunch Emmi and I headed off to see the veterinarian again.  Emmi had this growth on the back of her right front paw and a nasty sore spot on her ear—geez!  She was totally not impressed when Dr. Kirk pulled on the paw growth—she yelped loud enough to scare me and Deb, the office manager!! 

Back in the exam room we discuss what it could be, Kirk thinks it is just a callous that has become loose on one end and is tender—he wants to snip it off—I am thinking that isn’t such a good idea judging from her reaction, he offers to sedate her.  We go on to other issues—her ear and the fact I took her off the urinary incontinence meds (Ingasmile, it is called Proin and Emmi is 4 years old)—he thinks we did the right thing and suggests using compounded estrogen for the urinary issues.  I decline the estrogen idea for the time being, I want to try some herbal type meds I’ve read about. 

OK, Emmi and I both have calmed down and I tell Kirk we can snip the growth but first I want him to muzzle her.  I’ve never done that to Emmi as she is so incredibly well behaved but I wasn’t taking any chances, I didn’t want her sedated if I didn’t have to, I figured one or two seconds of pain was better than sedating.  He snipped the growth—it must have been a callous as she never moved or yelped—thank goodness!!!  After all she is my baby!   All that stress—she needed a nap when we got home!


We’ve had several afternoon thunderstorms roll through and one made the sky back to the east the strangest color—this photo doesn’t quite pick up the colors but almost, the mountains were lighted by the sun and shrouded by black angry clouds.



  1. I like your idea of trying the herbal remedies first. Doesn't it just break your heart when they yip when it hurts. Glad you got it removed without any problems.

  2. Taking pets to the vet is harder on us than them I think. Glad Emmi made out all right. Hopefully, she got a treat, too:)

    Storms and mountains are magnificent. We got our first taste of the sun peeking out and reflecting while we were at Lake Powell.

  3. Poor Emmi, that's lots of trauma for one day.

  4. Poor little Emmi!! Yes, they are indeed our babies!! I think a long belly rub is in order!

  5. I hope you find something that works for Emmi, little pools of urine are no fun. Especially that she is a lap dog! Mine lays on the floor as she is about 40lbs worth of dog!


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