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Friday, March 29, 2013

Brazos Bend State Park

Was the absolute best!  We loved it—convenient to Houston (20 miles), quiet, scenic, filled with wildlife—we wish we could clone the park and bring it to Aransas Pass with us! The first four nights of our stay were so relaxing and peaceful—we could have stayed a lot longer BUT--

This is of course Easter weekend bringing all the weekenders out in full force taking away the peace and quiet.  Every rig arriving yesterday and last night contained at least two children, usually four, bicycles, motorized cars, toys, loud music, beer and the yelling young adults which go with the consumption of too much beer.  And can someone please explain to me why on earth they turn on so many lights.  As we were leaving this morning, almost every rig had some kind of external light burning around the picnic table as well as their outside lights glowing on the rigs.  Are they afraid of the dark???  The night sky was beautiful out there in the middle of nowhere, stars galore.  The moon coming up was breath taking.  Owls hooting, coyotes howling—beautiful sounds the loud music loving, beer drinking/yelling folks missed. 

Some even brought their Easter decorations along:


The last two days of the vein treatments were not as easy!  Nothing went wrong, the days were just kind of mixed up and confusing.  I assumed I would be finished this week but that wasn’t to happen—I will drive back to Houston next Thursday for hopefully the last appointment.  My legs don’t hurt anymore—having to wear these support stockings for two weeks will be tedious but I will survive.  I am VERY pleased with my procedures.

We left Brazos Bend State Park about 8am, dumped our tanks and headed for Aransas Pass arriving just after noon.  Set up was quick and now we are relaxing and catching up on the computer and laundry.  Air conditioners are running—it is a little warmer here than in Brazos Bend!



  1. You can tell it is holiday vacation time in our park, as well! Besides all the items you mentioned, a lot of our units came with four wheelers and tuned exhausted, also! Thanks goodness they can only ride them to leave the park. The quiet is definitely gone.

    I enjoyed all you alligator photos. The reflection picture in the last post was wonderful. Good shot!!

  2. I try to spend holidays living on a refuge. Volunteers are pretty calm and quiet folks. :)

  3. butterbean carpenterMarch 29, 2013 at 7:50 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    Afraid of a little old 10' gator; Emmi could whup him in no time, she's not scared of those Montana bears!!!
    Glad you got your legs done with only one more return trip from PA and not Billings!!! After Easter in Texas it's alright to wear a 'straw' Stetson, Jim !!!
    Be careful driving in Houston traffic, Janna; they're wild & crazy up there!!!
    Hope you find all of the CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS, that the EB left you!!!!

  4. Guess the holidays are the same in all the parks. Children, and don't forget the barking dogs. Oh well, life is good. Glad you are doing well.

  5. One thing I've discovered in our travels is that the idea of camping is definitely different than what we do as RVing. For campers, it seems, it's a holiday weekend party. For us RVers it's just living. Most of the partiers have to go back to work after the weekend so we do get to have the last laugh.

  6. Too bad the noisy partyers came in to spoil the beauty and quiet of that RV park you so fondly spoke of. A return to Aransas Pass may also return the tranquility you are more accustomed too.

  7. God luck with your final appointments! That park has been on our list for awhile, sounds pretty nice.


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