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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day Two

We were back in Houston by 10am this morning for round two of the varicose vein treatments.  I was an operating room nurse and participated in many, many what we called in the surgical world, “varicose vein strippings.”   Barbaric procedures where multiple incisions are made and the vein is “stripped” from the leg.  Patients experiencing this procedure spent six weeks recovering and often endured swelling for a long time post-operatively.  

The procedures I am having are totally outpatient, I am awake and very aware of what’s going on.  Catheters are inserted into my veins and radio frequency waves generate heat ablating (laymen’s term—frying) the vein forever.  It is not a procedure without discomfort but for the sake of getting rid of these painful, ugly varicose veins, I can grit my teeth!  Plus there is no recovery time, patients are encouraged to walk immediately, Michael and I did 2 miles yesterday.  And you get to wear these lovely, sexy stockings for three weeks!!

IMG_6401At least they are flesh colored, the girls in the office offered me hot pink or lime green—I could have looked like an Easter egg!! Smile

We are still in love with this park, we’ve spent the entire afternoon outside enjoying the sounds—birds, wind in the trees, etc. and the absolute quiet.  We went for another walk this afternoon—again, about 2 miles.

IMG_6383Yellow crested night heron—aren’t you proud of me Judy???

On today’s walk we noticed this alligator in the distance and until I loaded the photos into Picasa we did not see the other huge alligator in the undergrowth--IMG_6388

IMG_6397Yep, we will be happy to give those alligators their space!

Back tomorrow for round three—injections of some of the more superficial veins and maybe the removal of one of the “fried” veins if the vein did not flatten out as the physician wanted it to. 

We had a delicious lunch today at the Salt Lick Steakhouse—my sweet potato fries were fabulous! 

Life is very good!  Emmi doesn’t think so, although!  There are many little honey bees around in the clover and Emmi had been biting at the bees—I warned her, “not a good idea Ms. Emmi.”  Well, one got her today—she might have learned her lesson????


  1. butterbean carpenterMarch 26, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    Howdy Janna & Mike,
    That was a 'BIG' gator in the background; HOW COULD YOU MISS IT!
    My dad paid an insurance claim on a few months-old baby in HOUSTON, THAT A GATOR SWALLOWED!!! It chased the mother through the screen-door!!!
    Hope the legs turn out okay; then you can wear your bikini while in Port Arthur!!! hee hee
    Tell Mike to take more pics of the RIGS!!!

  2. Good bird ID, but it's a yellow-CROWNED night heron. Picky, picky, I know... ;)

  3. good luck with the third round of varicose vein procedure! those 'stockings' are pretty 'hot lookin'

  4. Glad to hear day two went well. Love your new fashion stockings!!! Good luck tomorrow!

  5. At least they're not white - I've learned to hate those. But I just know you are going to feel so much better after these procedures. Those are a couple of really big gators and I wouldn't need a sign to tell me to stay far away from them.

  6. YOU ARE A BRAVE WOMAN! Been saying prayers for you. The stockings are just the icing on the cake. Rosalita

  7. Two down, one to go. You seem to be braving these procedures pretty well. Now, just don't let a gator go chomping on your nice new legs!

  8. Glad to hear the surgeries are done and went well. Awesome shot, you bet Judy should be proud!!! Poor Emmi, when will she ever learn??


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